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    Quote Originally Posted by Bulletnips View Post
    1. The new orc architecture is awesome, the "new" forsaken architecture is creepy, gothic and damn right brilliant, tauren's pretty bland, blood elven is picturesque and impressive. I like Goblin, not overly impressive and I like the primitive simplicity of darkspear towns. As for The Alliance, humans boring, night elves vanilla buildings that look out of place and outdated, dwarves see night elves, gnomes have some pretty cool shit, worgen is a more creepy version of the humans and slightly better and Draenei is simply awesome, be it Naaru or their own towns (like Shattrath) they're towns are awesome. For me The Horde has cooler towns, but this is entirely personal preference.

    2. The Horde is a group of outcasts and sometimes monstrous creatures thrown together because of mutual interest, the world wants to see them die and they will fight alongside each other to protect themselves. It's entire foundation is built upon the priniciple of kill or be killed although Thrall added some much needed dignity and nobility to the coalition. The tension, the back stabbing the kind of cold war politics amongst itself is far more interesting then The Alliance where everyone is friends, the races themselves are more interesting and more out of this world but again this is personal preference.

    3. You have not played many horde quests then as the genreal consensus at the moment is the Horde have the best story and questing content at the moment.

    4. Absolute baseless assumption and is completely untrue, this argument may have held some ground in vanilla but the community mirrors itself on the both sides, the behaviour of players on each is side is identical. From your post you have not or have barely played The Horde and you cite no examples to back up your points, rendering what you said as little more then personal opinion (which is absolutely fine) or biased tripe. TL;DR the fuck bro? It's personal preference the dude is talking out of his arse.
    You got me right there.... I have very limited Horde experience.
    4 level 90, 1 level 87, 1 level 86, 3 level 85, 1 level 82, and 2 level 80 Horde toons, plus some lowbie toons from 1 - 30 are not quite enough for knowing much of the differences... 2 toons with Loremaster achieved on either side, I better discard too....
    Toons spread out through 6 different realms, plenty comparison of both factions realm communities I will throw out of the arse too then....

    Anyhow, you were missing the point completely... The thread title was not about who has what. The thread title says: "What's cool about the alliance"?
    But I'm game..
    The Orc new architecture is not esthetic. you may like it, but others don't. Esthetic is something very different.
    The new Undead architecture is awesome. Yes... But afterall, it's human. It's the style of Lordaeron, and looks very similar to Gilneas architecture.

    As for the world wants to see the horde die.... That's your imagination now talking. Half of the World is Horde.
    By storyline atm, it's the Horde leader that want's to kill the other half of the world. The other Horde leaders don't agree with that at all. The Alliance side isn't driven by wiping the Horde from the map. They are driven to restore what's theirs, and to restore safety and peace for their people. They don't hesitate to make treaties and what not, to achieve that.
    You should just try and play both sides too, and even more so, should pay attention to the stories the quests telling you.

    Your bold text btw. just gives evidence to my social claim. Just another horde fan boy with lack of manners...

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    Dwarves, Genn Greymane, and Human Racial. That's it.
    Howay the lads!

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    That not every place and city is red.... that's the only thing i don't like from the Horde... WHY IS EVERYTHING RED?!... and that's why i play alliance (actually is just because some friends...)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Constellation View Post
    I've been playing both sides for ~6 years now, there is no "holier than thou" attitude in the Alliance, it's something made up in the minds of Horde fans. There's a whole lot of "Leave us the hell alone and stop thinking you can do whatever you want to our land and people" coming from the Alliance though.
    Actually there is, both from the players and the npcs. Especially the human ones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Evisiling View Post
    lol at all the people saying Dwarves, they are the one alliance race I cannot stand...
    We can trade. Horde gets dwarves, and you can have the tauren. Damn things are always in the way, and hideously ugly to boot.
    Diplomacy is just war by other means.

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    Nothing is cool about Alliance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jinya View Post
    Nothing is cool about Alliance.
    Go on.

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    I think the Alliance side of things was pretty interesting in Vanilla, TBC and Wrath. I haven't played them that much Cataclysm-side or at all MoP-side, but I hear their content hasn't been up to par during resent years. Seems to be getting better, though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zuben View Post
    I think the Alliance side of things was pretty interesting in Vanilla, TBC and Wrath. I haven't played them that much Cataclysm-side or at all MoP-side, but I hear their content hasn't been up to par during resent years. Seems to be getting better, though.
    Skip Cata stuff, definitely give MoP a go from the Alliance side .

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    Alliance is "the second faction" in WoW. The devs figured they couldn't make a game just about the Horde, so they kinda had to do the other one. Welcome aboardб in the world of not-so-cool. I actually kinda enjoy it, even though most races' models look infinitely ugly after years of playing as undead. Draenei females are fine though (if you can deal with being a space goat).
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    Because they are the generic "lawfull good", they do nothing wrong, they survive everything just like roaches and even if they do something that can be considered grey, everyone sits down around campfire later and laughs about it like it didnt happen.

    Horde races are getting same treatment now because of Metzen and his MURTHALS ARE TEH FUTURZ!!!! stuff he has to put into anything he touches.

    Games Workshop, never give this guy a licence. You have been warned.

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    draenei, and dwarves.

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    Well, this is why i think alliance is cool:

    1. Their symbol is blue
    2. Gnomes
    3. Dwarves
    4. More challenging to PVP as

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    Eh, I really don't see much to like about the alliance.

    The races seem far too bland for my tastes. The only ones who have lore that I like are the Night Elfs, even then they just boil down to generic elf race who likes nature and blah blah. Hell, Draenei had to be retconned just to make them a playable race for the guys. And don't even get me started on what they did to Onyxia in an attempt to make Varian out as more of a badass than he is. Don't care what anyone says, it was US the players who killed that bitch, not Mr. Ponytail.

    The horde have a much richer lore between more characters. Orcs, Forsaken and Blood Elves especially. Though I like Tauren and Darkspear Trolls too, they don't really have alot going for them so far. And all in all, I like the idea of the Pre-Garrosh horde alot more too. They were just a group of races who allied together to look after one another, led by Thrall who simply wanted a lasting home for his people after they were cured of their curse.

    It's all more personal preferance for anyone, but I do feel like Horde has alot more enjoyable aspects to their lore and characters. Though, that seems to be going up hill lately.
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    Alliance is the more technologically advanced of the two factions. (Thanks Draenei)
    They're closer to modern "First world societies" whereas the Horde are essentially a group of incompatible nations living under a rigid dictator. (At least until 6.0)
    The power to fight off the Burning Legion was born and stays centered in our Faction.
    Human women are nice to look at? (I'm grasping for this straw but I just can't reach it)
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    Best part of being alliance is not having to play with all the horde mouth breathers.

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