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    Black Arrow too weak?

    Exactly what the title says. What do you guys think.

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    Nope. Defenetly not. It ticks 10x, for idk 10k? It does enough dmg per application to be worthwhile,
    But far more important: it proccs LnL, which lets it deal a lot of indirect dmg.
    Nowadays it does look a bit weak compared to SS since buff, but its no problem, whe are defenetly gonna use it on CD

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    In fact, I like it so much I use the PvP gloves in order to knock 2 seconds off it's cooldown. Then again, I don't have access to heroic gear.

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    I'd rather have them buff ES then as long as BA is linked to Expl trap.
    But that's if SV would need more buffs and imo we don't need them at this moment. I feel competitive enough even tho we are only around middle of the pack.

    My biggest remaining wishes are to bring MM back and replace every single CD talent with passive talents. I want SV to play like a relaxed proccer again and MM as a crazy-machine-gun-wielding-maniac-spec.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ruzhyo View Post
    In fact, I like it so much I use the PvP gloves in order to knock 2 seconds off it's cooldown. Then again, I don't have access to heroic gear.
    Raven Lord's Gloves
    BiS glove in game by itself. Before blood spirits came in supply I also used the pvp gloves and their cd reduce is very fun indeed.

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    Hunters are just about right now, MM still needs to be sorted out, perhaps a tiny buff to ES but we are competitive atleast now.

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    I just wish it didn't have a cooldown. It can already only be on once per target, and Lock and Load already has a cooldown.

    Black Arrow's duration is 20 seconds and its cooldown is currently 24 seconds, so that's 4 seconds of downtime with no Black Arrow running. However, Lock and Load has a 10 second cooldown, so letting you reapply Black Arrow before the duration runs out wouldn't cause very many additional Lock and Load procs - and if they were worried about that, they could decrease the chance to trigger Lock and Load to 18% instead of 20% which would slightly increase the value of our 4pc (which is right now pretty awful) and make up for the ability to lump Black Arrow on adds or on multiple targets for extra proc chances. Its Damage Per Focus is only slightly higher than Explosive Shot, and reapplying it too early would waste ticks. You already can multi-dot with it once (or twice) per fight through Readiness, and it isn't terribly exciting to do that as it is.

    I guess they just want to avoid people using both Black Arrow and Explosive Trap, but that's easy enough to remedy by simply making your Explosive Trap's damage remove the Black Arrow effect - now you only use one or the other. Explosive Trap because it's AoE and costs no focus so is a lot of Focus-free damage and can be set up before a pull in some cases, or Black Arrow because it isn't stationary and would have no cooldown so you can reapply it before it runs out, and does more single-target damage anyway.

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