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    Quote Originally Posted by Howard Moon View Post
    A STR-based melee Shapeshifter would be awesome indeed. I don't really see Assassin happening, though... yet another DEX-based class who looks essentially like a DH, but melee.
    It could be dex or it could be dex-int hybrid or it could be dex based shapeshifter ... both barb and monk are tanky melee classes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Repefe View Post
    both barb and monk are tanky melee classes.
    Yes, but that's because that's how D3 is designed. Melee are SUPPOSED to be "tanky" because if they weren't "tanky" they'd die. Glass cannon melee is not going to work unless it's some gimmick like CM Stun wizard.
    Quote Originally Posted by Precursor View Post
    "Fall of therzane....." what? if that woman fell , god help us it will be the second cataclysm
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeavline View Post
    I'm pretty sure that PVP will come with the X-pack and not before it. PVP is a major feature, something you don't wanna give away for free.
    And 6 months isn't that particularly long, we just recently got Paragon and MoP was released a few months back and soon SC:HoS will be released aswell. We have to remember this is the same company for all those titles/features, they don't want to compete with themselves if it's not asbolutely necessary. I think your time estimate is pretty accurate, maybe even a bit too optimistic, but to assume that PVP will be released as a free feature is just FAR to kind. Remember, it's blizzard we're talking about here

    Also, the game isn't boring because of the play style. It's starting to become boring and repetitive because the content is old and worn out.
    This happens really fast in single player games and it's normal and expected. It's time for an X-pack and Blizzard knows it
    pvp was supposed to be out with release so i think at some point they said when they do release pvp they wont charge for it (as in not as dlc/expac)
    so if they did there will be shitstorm from players who arent playing.(those who are still playing dont really care about pvp as much as those who arent coz after all there is only pve right now)

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    I think it will be a strength based melee. I think this because we have two intellect classes, two dexterity classes and only one strength class. We also only have two melee where as we have three ranged. However for all we know we could end up with an intellect based melee or strength based ranged, maybe even a third dexterity hybrid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeavline View Post
    I'm pretty sure that PVP will come with the X-pack and not before it. PVP is a major feature, something you don't wanna give away for free.
    Spent last 20 mins trying to find the blue post, but I am 100% certain they said that PVP would not be a paid for feature, or part of an expansion. that being said they say a lot of things

    Quote Originally Posted by Lassira View Post
    Did time skip forward?
    oops im getting release date mixed up with annual pass. my mistake.

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    If an expansion was going to be released with the current stat system I would be assured the next class would be a Strength based melee. Most likely a rogue/assassin.

    However I do believe after the PvP patch (So realistically patch 1.2) which we will see probably Fall 2013 revamp the whole stat system. How stats currently work is the main root of the itemization problem and they will never be able to fully address the itemization issue without revamping the stat system.

    Either way, no matter how stats work, I am still predicting a rogue/assassin. While some argue the Demon Hunter/Scoundrel resemble the rogue/assassin in my opinion they do not. The only similarity is the "shadow" aspect. However they don't do melee combat well. I just can't imagine another ranged class. If not a rogue/assassin then most likely a Druid type class with mostly melee abilities. Similar to a melee spec'd Warden from Eq2.

    Edit: Only reason why I mentioned stats is because I feel that the current system limits them to a STR based class. If they revamp stats it would be different but I still believe a melee class is incoming.

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    Serpenth, I can't see how a "rogue/assassin" falls into a Strength-based Melee class. They are both, historically in virtually all veins of fantasy (including the Rogue in Diablo 1 and Assassin in Diablo 2), Dexterity classes.

    Strength-class, yes, it will be. I agree it will be some kind of a knight in shining armor. Paladin? Up in the air. Could be a Knight of Westmarch, who was on an errand into the areas we do go through, explaining his presence. And being specialized in combat with both 2H as well as Sword + Board, but not dual-wielding, makes excellent sense too. Not too sure how to make a new resource-system that isn't mostly a copy, but call it Order or Nobility I guess.

    Additionally: It's already been said, multiple times since launch, that PvP will be a FREE feature, not a DLC, not part of an expansion. Please stop thinking otherwise, cause we got dozens of blue posts, from CMs all the way up to Jay Wilson himself, stating it won't be. We will also be seeing the PvP Blog in >2 weeks now.
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    These are generally NOT the fault of the developers, but the fault of many players over-hyping and/or setting expectations too high.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeavline View Post
    I'm pretty sure that PVP will come with the X-pack and not before it.
    If you are right... I can already see the shitstorm forming because of that.
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    I would say some type of str class most likely a paladin because there is 2 classes that use int and dex and only 1 that uses str or maybe some new class that hasn't been done before.

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