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    Granted, the database isn't updated to track Pandarens, but the guild pool and character pool it's pulling data from is plenty enough to speak to the value of Orcs as the high end choice for Hunter PvE.
    Thanks, it's just interesting to look at this kind of stuff for me.

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    Going to faction change my hunter to horde soon but I'm not sure what race to play.
    I raid a few times a week, I want to get ranked on world of logs and my favorite spec is survival. Here are a few questions:

    1. What race has the most beneficial racials for raiding as survival?
    2. How big is the difference between racials in terms of dps?
    3. What racials scale with gear?
    4. What race do you think suit hunter the most from a lore perspective?

    Thank you for reading.
    It's common knowledge that female blood elves do the highest dps, regardless of class.

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    forgot to reply to the op so:

    1: For BM, hands down Orc. For SV/MM, Troll >= Pandaren = Orc. Take your pick. They're all extremely close.
    2: It's different for each spec and depends on your gear. Like I said earlier, between Tauren and Orc for BM it's a 1.8k dps difference. For SV all three are pretty close.
    3: Both troll and orc racials would get better with gear. Whereas Pandaren buff will always be the same until we get higher quality food, which won't be for a looong time. So even though 300 extra agi is amazing and most likely the best one at low gear level, eventually the other two catch up.
    4: Troll.

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