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    Decide for me what to level next

    For the hell of it i cannot decide what to level next. My Paladin main is 90 and i'm raiding 3 days a week with him.
    When i'm done raiding i want to level something new but i cannot decide what. I have almost every class at 85 (except hunter/DK) and i always hang on a character for 10-30 mins and then and i want to play something else.
    Should i just delete everything else and keep one char that i will level?

    Please help

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    Don't delete anything, having them is doing absolutely no harm.

    What would deleting then do for you?

    If day level a Shaman or Druid. You get tank, heal, and several dps specs if you go Druid, or 2 fun dps specs or healer if you go Shaman.

    My only gripe with Shamans though, they took off the bar that drops all your totems at once, which I thought was a nice change for the class, but they're still fun.

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    I'm sorry but we don't allow these types of threads here since the choice is so subjective. Good luck with yours.

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