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    My main problem with pet battles is that there is SO MORE to be done with my time in the game....
    I wish there were less things, so I could advance more on them.

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    What is so hard about adding a "I love it" option? Boring or bearable. Totally not biased. Totally not surprising if you attract some fire...

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    now grab the pet you want to level, put it first on your team. find a pandaria pet battle. use one single skill with this pet (it doesn't matter if it misses). this is important: don't let your level 1 pet die. it's kind of luck dependent at level 1 because most level 23 pets can one shot level ones, so you'll have to be lucky enough for them to use a non damaging skill. after using one skill with your level 1 pet, change to your main pet and destroy the enemy team.

    your level 1 pet will get half of the experience. watch her skip from level 1 to level 4 in one fight. reach level 25 within one hour. repeat for all the other pets you wish to level up
    The problem is getting the first one to 25. That's annoying as hell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Granyala View Post
    The problem is getting the first one to 25. That's annoying as hell.
    Pretty much what she said. Of course, for me, it doesn't help that I try to keep my team of 3 around the same level.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Granyala View Post
    The problem is getting the first one to 25. That's annoying as hell.
    I just kept going to higher zones with higher level pets than I owned, (by about 3-4 levels) depending on which pets your using you can kill them easily and you get alot more xp and it makes it real fast! Honestly I suggest a dragonkin that has the heal and lift off, feels super OP on most battles!

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    Where is the "it's fun as hell" option? ....
    And with the WoWkemon addon it's even more fun!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Granyala View Post
    The problem is getting the first one to 25. That's annoying as hell.
    Some of the stronger pets can quite easily solo higher lvled ones, gaining more xp. Also, trainers give mad xp and if you abandon the daily quest after successfully beating him/her, you can re-do it for more mad xp.

    Also: The new spirit tamers were a blast challenging for the first time. Only tamers that posed any challenge to me, but after figuring out that I could use incredibly fast pets to avoid certain strong abilities I beat them all quite quickly. :/
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    I have a level 15 that I was for sure I would get to 25 ASAP. Yeah, so that never happened. I don't find them HORRIBLY boring, but it is just like low level pokemon. Tackle. Tackle. Tackle. Tackle. Tackle. While leveling at least, it is. Not worth my time at the moment.
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    Needs a "great addition to the game" voting option.

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    Quote Originally Posted by phillipisawarlock View Post
    How about neither? They are very fun.
    Exactly. Niether option is really appropriate for me because they are fun. Also, gotta love a clearly biased poll >_>

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    Love them and a nice source of income with those old raid pets + selling lvl25 pets. I am around 30k gold made already

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    Yup, zero bias on this poll choices. It's sad that you need to validate your views by not actually allowing people to say they like something you don't.
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    They're like a book that, once you put it down, you can't pick it up again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trassk View Post
    Having to constantly find wild pets to battle in order to level them, just for a chance to capture the new rare pets around the game, having to run to the pet trainer every single time to heal them up for another round, just to slowly level them.
    Yeah, I somewhat agree, that is tedious. But have you even tried queuing against other players? You can get xp out of that too. I've mostly been doing PvP pet battles, and I feel that they took it to a whole new level. It was much more fun, and casual-friendly too, since you won't even see the name or real portrait of your opponent.

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    Uh, right, because clearly there's no way someone could more than just stand pet battles.

    The only thing pet battles have in common with pokemon is the constant looking for wild pets to battle thing. But, in pokemon, not only do moves have set amounts of power points, but you can't really heal outside of towns without spending lots of money (which actually is a useful thing in the game for other stuff), but even if you spend a lot of money for potions, you can't restore PP without healing at a town (there are items for it but you can't buy them anywhere), so not only do you have to run around in grass forever to level, but there's no easy, effective, or efficient way to avoid having to run back into town and heal over and over. The best you can do is hope you can find some level-appropriate grass very close to a town and pokemon center.

    But the skill sets, synergies, typeage, mechanics, and math behind pokemon are far more advanced and interesting. After doing pet battles for awhile, I don't see the two as similar at all. The leveling process in pokemon is particular and meaningful, for example the pokemon you battle to level up affect your stats. The typeage mechanics are different - typically, something that is strong against something also takes less damage from that type, and attacks that deal the same damage type as the type the pokemon is deal more damage (same type attack bonus). Some pokemon have more than one type, some types are immune to some types, period (flying can't be hit by ground), and each individual pokemon has a unique 'racial'. Lots and lots of stuff going on in there. Way more things than I mentioned.

    When you get some good pets to max, leveling pets becomes incredibly easy. There are some max level pet tamers that you can beat with two good pets, so you can level another pet in maybe an hour or two. I leveled my cinder kitten to 25 over the course of a couple hours battling one tamer over and over (accept the quest, beat her, abandon the quest, re-accept, fight her again). I was waiting for/running LFR while doing it so I don't know exactly how long it took me, but I got home, got the kitten, and got on WoW at about 6:00pm that day and my kitten was 25 before my raid at 9:00pm. I had done two LFRs - terrace and the last half of HoF - in that time as well.

    If you couldn't tell, I more than "can bear" pet battles. It's definitely very simplistic. I really wish they would try to add more interesting synergies and stuff, especially considering the 3-pet system and how some attacks hit pets in the back and some 'status effects' persist through switching out, and all that stuff. But, as it is, I still really like it.
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    i hate the levleing part but love the collecting part >.<

    leveling them takes too long as they need to be alive when you win to get exp which isn't likely to happen vs epic/ legendery fights >.<

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    I don't care either way. The whole pet battle thing never really excited me that much.

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    Boring or Bear it....isn't the options a little limiting?

    I LOVE pet battles. They do exactly what they say on the tin. A little side distraction while you're waiting for BG's/Raids/Instances/etc.

    But, even though they are meant to be a little time waster, I've wasted FAR too much time on it

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