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    Interesting Unholy changes!


    The first is Plague Strike now applies Blood Plague along with Frost Fever..

    The second is, well, Summon Gargoyle no longer costs Runic Power!

    How's that sound for a start?
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    Gargoyle also does Plague damage now — that means Nature + Shadow.

    Meaning Gary is probably intended to scale off Mastery now.

    The PS change means that 1 Unholy rune now substitutes for Outbreak as necessary, preventing the need to orphan a Blood rune single-target. Hopefully, there's still more changes coming that will prevent orphaned Frost runes when going into Blood Boil mode cold-turkey.

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    Orphan frost runes remain. (aoe fights)
    Gary is nice to have him free of cost.
    im still waiting for the hotfix to mastery.

    It would be better if they added the plaque to the Icy touch.
    Ranged desease apply + something to do with the remaing forst runes after heave BB.

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    It's a solid step in the right direction, but hopefully that's not the end of it. They still need to reduce the number of death coils required to activate dark transformation. Maaaaaaaaybe bump up unholy might by 5%.

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    Glad to see unholy getting some love.

    I still hope for a little bit of raid utility for blood though. (Or even for all DKs ?)

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    I think at this point they're probably throwing ideas out on the table.

    Plague Strike seems good for single target target swapping, but does little to help us pestilence on a pull.
    Seems half a fix at this point.
    Think we need to push forward that the issue, aoe requires two festering strikes and pestilence from a diseased mob to get going.
    We're still left with Plague strike > pestilence > festering strike > ONE LONE FROST RUNE until the next cycle.

    Gary being free is good no more ramp up competition.
    I kinda feel the phrase "Plague Damage" is just there to placate us from going "ZOMG WAI ARE WE DOING NATURE DAMAGE BLIZZ?!", I doubt there is any mechanical benefit to Gary doing Plague Damage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dgiras View Post
    Orphan frost runes remain. (aoe fights)
    This hasn't been a problem since blood boil was added to reaping in the beta.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shiira View Post
    This hasn't been a problem since blood boil was added to reaping in the beta.
    Of course it's still a problem; you need to use pestilence (or blood boil, if you spec into RB) to spread the diseases in the first place, then you need to use Festering Strike once that cycle, then again the next cycle, to get all your frost runes into Death. That's the root of why unholy AE isn't very good; it takes a lot of setup time, and most AE groups don't live that long.

    On most AE groups you don't have time to do all that setup, so you just pest once, then blood boil every cycle thereafter. This leaves orphan frost runes.

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    Let's keep all discussion in the current thread:


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