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    Playing Protection in PvP?

    so i just did a BG and 3 of the 5 warriors in the BG were protection, is protection good for BGs and Arena Or just BGs? im not sure, but other than my main question whats the best spec for pvp for a warrior?

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    Arms if you are talking about random pvp.

    Prot has it's uses on FC maps (Random BGs). Playing prot on anything but FC maps will not impact the game as much as it would if you played Prot in RBGs.

    There is a gimmick with prot though where bladestorm will do 240% damage (other specs are 120%). You pop all your CD's, equip a 2h weapon and watch numbers pop up.

    If you are talking RBGs they are obviously the FC on CtF maps. For EotS you are a node camper (DR/FRR). Gilneas you are once again a node camper at either LH or Mines. For AB you will node camp once again. SSM, your job is to harass healers and using stuns when your team is going for a kill. If not in the team fight you are node camping once again. Temple, hold ball and live.

    If you don't like node camping, play arms.

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    the mobility and cooldowns of the prot war make them exceptional flag carriers. it is not a good spec for 2's or 3's and only has marginal use in 5's (if any).

    you trade dps for mobility + control as a pvp prot war.

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    Prot is good for more than just FC'ing. Prot for AB, Gilneas and EOTS is very useful for defending nodes and keeping people off the flags. If you do rbg's you will almost always see a warrior in prot on these maps. Your survivability is amazing and you have stuns/fears/disarm/etc.
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