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    It was four. The enchanting bonus and arcane restistance of course, but originally there was a mana draining ability used to charge the still existing active. It was cool but kind of a pain so it got the axe.

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    We now get 2% base mana from it every time we use it.

    300k hp pools.

    getting a massive 6k mana every 2 mins. Wow, this is really good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steveyboy View Post
    We now get 2% base mana from it every time we use it.

    300k hp pools.

    getting a massive 6k mana every 2 mins. Wow, this is really good.
    Better than the 0 mana other races get.

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    Arcane Torrent isn't horrible, actually (though nowhere near as good as say orc racials in most cases), and it's quite good for pvp. On the contrary, Blizzard did say they wanted to revamp some of the weaker racials (starting with undead, which they already did) but they never really specified which races or anything like that. I do feel we could use a new fourth racial, even something passive like 1% increased mastery or something would add a little boost, though I suppose other classes need a useful ability even more.

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    I do agree they need a little something more.

    Arcane torrent is really good, it gives ressources and all, but as a tank I'd still prefer to have stoneform (dwarves), quickness (night elves) or even some free hit (draeneï) which is annoying to get.

    I guess it depends what class/role and in which environment (pve/pvp) you are playing when it comes to racials. Some are bound to be useless or too good for some situations. Well, technically, free hit, expertise or a damage reduction CD can never be wasted, no matter what you're playing.

    Not to mention that having only 3 racials is a bit lame, yeah.
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    I liked having free mana back when I was a Blood Elf. Switched over to Draenei though for that 1% hit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Choptimus View Post
    Char creation:

    Chose Class/Race

    List of Passive racials
    List of Active racials

    Pick 2 of each.

    I agree with this, but some racials should go and some other a revamp or rework then... I just can't imagine a tauren Cannibalizing a human or undead corpse or a night elf using Rocket Jump, 99% of PvE players (made up number but you get my point) would pick Blood Fury or Berserking and 99% of PvP player would pick EMFH... All hunters would pick that racial (can't recall the name) that increases crit or expertise (Yeah, I'm not very into hunters) with ranged weapon and probably combine it orc's Command... and the list goes on...

    So with a total revamp of racials so every option would end being a real option and not just a few of them (and renaming them to Legacy or a suitable name), that seems the best solution.

    Even more, they could make it so they are a learned thing much like talents and then change them when you think you need/want with the Inscription stuff to do so.

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