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    Angry MC and last faze of Heat of Fear.

    my guild and some of our friends kept getting boss to last faze but we just been having horible luck with mcs right before the bubbles.
    we had it down to 3% our best attempt would of had it if me the healer didn't get mced right before the bubbles and we were 2 healing.
    then anther time it was going perpect we had mcs and we were getting in bubbles we were in them nope a mc knocked several of us out of bubble that fight really needs to remove mc from 4th faze it would be so much easer and less risky.

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    Heart of Fear*

    And basically your grammar and spelling is horrendous.

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    Just 3 heal it to remove the rng aspect of that, the enrage on that fight isn't any problem.

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    i cant tell what fight youre talking about
    Quote Originally Posted by Boubouille
    You're full of shit honey.

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    did 3 heal it still doesn't stop mcs from screwing every bit of stragey you had for 4th faze by 2 very bad mc choices and bubbles strait after.
    and dumb title thing got buged first boss in heart of fear.

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    Why double post?

    OT: Just free mind controls faster. They shouldnt last until F&V

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