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    HoF ---> ToES

    Hello fellow champs

    I tried to search various websites with this question, but with no luck!

    Is it true, that you still have to have 6/6 in HoF on everyone to join ToES?
    I recall that I read in some patch notes, that they removed this?
    Also if this is true, is it enough just to have the leader ''attuned''? Like in ICC

    - Falcky

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    There haven't been any changes, and only the raid leader has to be "attuned", as it has been since 5.0.

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    Strange thing in there is that every single boss except the end boss in toes is easier then any boss in HoF

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    Sha isn't mechanically hard either, just the requirment.

    Stand in shield when breath comes (unless you have Fearless debuff)
    Kill add with shields from behind
    Kill big add when on platform (collect any shiny circles that you see)
    LoS when add do Death Blossom

    repeat until boss is dead.

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