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    My Sister is in love with me..

    Please read the entire post before commenting so you know whats going on instead of just reading the Title please

    I am in a extremly difficult situation and it just emerged today and I am worried what the future brings.

    I am going to have to start from the beginning.

    Ever since my sister was born we shared a strong connection in a brother/sisterly way.
    We did everything from playing with Barbie Dolls to running in the woods fighting with wooden swords.
    We were best friends. Nothing could ever seperate us.

    In 2005 when I was 13 and she was 12 both our parents and grandmother died in a boating accident.

    We went through some very rough patches in life togheter and have always been there for eachother and a shoulder to cry on.

    We went to the same school. We helped eachother with homework, same interests. We did EVERYTHING togheter and even shared the same room.

    It went on that way untill I turned 20 and were moving out. I wanted to follow my dream in life and i had to move to another city in order to do that. A 3 hour long drive.
    That was to much for both me and my sister to handle so we decided she would come with me. We could not stand being seperated.
    We left home for good and moved into a new city.

    We bought a house. We had alot of heritage so we were able to afford it.
    W I contiued to follow my dream and she became a full time helper with that.
    If its any of your interest I have a dream to one day become a bodybuilder. She helps me with the meals. I am probably the worst cook on the planet. She joins workouts and motivates me everyday. Basicly she does everything to support me.

    Life was good. We had no economic problems. No health issue and live in a beautiful home. Life was perfect.
    One might think its wierd to move in with your sister. It came very natural for us.
    We even share the same bedroom in our new home like we have been doing ever since we can remember. It makes us feel safe.

    Before I go any further i want to point out I have NEVER looked at my sister in any other way than a sister and my bestfriend. I dont think ''bestfriends'' even begins to describe how strong our bond were. Its just the only word i can come up with right now.
    Then one day it all changed.
    On a snowy day we went for a walk with our dog.
    It was a beautiful calm snowy night.
    We sat down ontop of a small hill near where we live on a bench and just enjoyd the beautiful view of snow falling quietly on a Desember night.
    It was so quite and we sat close and held around eachother to keep warm becouse it was freezing outside.
    Then all of a sudden she KISSED me on THE MOUTH for heavens sake.
    I was stunned.. I did not stop it i just froze becouse i were so shocked. It wasent just a small kiss it was a long passionate kiss.
    When she withdraw i saw tears sliding down her chin and i were speechless but at the same time when i saw the tears i started crying to. I dont know why.
    I knew what that look ment and she started to explain how much she cared for me and those feelings just grows stronger and stronger everyday. And today those feelings just tipped over the edge.

    It then became very quite again.. None of us said a word but we kept helding around eachother and just looked at the snowflakes falling.
    That was the most awkard silence i believe I will ever experience for sure...

    We walked home not saying a word but atleast i managed to say I will always love you no matter what before she went to sleep. I am not even sure myself what I ment by love after a moment like that.

    Now my sister is a beautiful women and i personaly believe she is the most beautiful woman on the planet. Very attractive from any men's perspective.
    She is so humble and sweet. Never seen such a caring person in my life and every moment with her makes my heart raise. She is the perfect women.
    When I say this I dont mean it the way you would normaly say about a girl. I dont even know how to explain becouse i dont have word for it.
    Just know that I never looked at my sister in a '' loving way the way you love a girl, girlfriend or wife''. Its hard to explain I am sorry.
    I just care EXTREMLY much for her and she is everything to me.

    I dont really feel conformtable posting a picture of my sister here so I will leave you with the idea.

    Now here I am and I am clueless what to do. I dont seek advice becouse whats going to happen is up to me. I just want to know what you think about all this..
    I love my sister and will always do. But after this I am not sure wich way I love her. So many thoughts have entered my head and i am starting to think would it really be that wrong to love my sister?

    Whats your thoughts on this whole situation?...
    Now I dont say I know this for sure yet but a question.
    Is it REALLY that wrong to develop feelings for another person that means EVERYTHING for you. Even if its the same blood...
    I know I know it might sound disgusting but this is the situation..

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    New account to post this? Sounds fishy. Even so, its illegal in most countries for a damn good reason.

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    Yeeeaaah...good luck with that.

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    TLDR please...
    It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere.

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    Seems legit... the post, not the incest

    TLDR please...
    Bad troll post where a guy makes a sentimental case for his sister wanting to make babies with him.

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    Reads like a script form a manga tbh.
    If true,doing anything more than you have done is illegal.
    But why the hell post it here?

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    If it feels good, do it.

    If you decide to have kids, just do everyone a favour and get the pair of you tested for any genetic diseases you might be unwitting carriers for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lagwin View Post
    Reads like a script form a manga tbh.
    If true,doing anything more than you have done is illegal.
    But why the hell post it here?
    I swear its not a troll, a script or anything its simply the truth.
    I did not even know its illegal. Never looked into it before.
    I posted it on a completly random forum. I simply wanted to hear what other people had to say. And I can start to see where its going

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    i hate browsing these forums at night, brings out all the crazy.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mormolyce View Post
    [The contents of this post can be unlocked in random loot boxes available from your local ISP. We want to provide readers with a feeling of pride and accomplishment when they read it.]

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    lol its so scripted its fake

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    Do you know how much money you'd make in porn? GO FOR IT! Everyone loves incest.

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    I think this is the same thing that happened in The Butterfly Effect 3.

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    Dreams of becoming a body builder. Makes new account on a gaming forum. Incest. Yeah, no.
    Siegecrafter Blackfuse (25-N) testing is complete! Today's Wisdom:
    One man's Trash is another Man's Heroic Boss.

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    Hello, Dexter Morgan.

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    Assuming this isn't a troll, then you are in an interesting situation, I would say don't let anything happened between you, that will lead you both to a vey painful life, if it were me I would start getting guys and girls to hang out with more, for both of you. So you can start heading in the direction of having relation ships with other people with out utterly distroying your relationship with each other.

    No matter how you feel about each other, you can not have a normal life together as a couple, heck it would even be reall hard to have a good life, people won't accept you. If you had kids, the bullying they would receive would be unbelievable

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deadvolcanoes View Post
    TLDR please...
    TLDR: Star Wars plot if Luke and Leia never found out they were siblings.

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    Quote Originally Posted by minititan View Post
    If you had kids, the bullying they would receive would be unbelievable
    Because naturally you're going to tell all the schoolkids, right?

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    This kind of thread isn't really appropriate.

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