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    Steelseries cataclysm keyboard - to buy or not to buy.

    So guys, my mom has bought me the Steelseries Cataclysm Keyboard for Christmas, but the problem is, I just checked on Amazon and a few other websites and the reviews seem to say it's terrible for energy draining as well as general usage.

    Has anybody got one of these? Is it worth sending it back or using it?

    Running windows 7 64 bit, 4gig ram, if it's any help.

    I was considering sending it back and getting another keyboard but i'm not sure, i've also heard blizzard discontinued keyboards in which you can click a keyboard buttons to inspect etc.

    any thoughts?

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    My personal opinion send it back and get a mechanical keyboard, if you push the price for it. Only one to stay away from is the blackwidow KB. The Qpad k85 is the best you get imo but it ranges from £100-£120, alot to spend on a kb but you wont't regret it.

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    For the cost of that thing you could almost get a mechanical keyboard, which is usually the better choice. The Steelseries Shift boards are really just a gimmick--if you want /oom and /roll keybound (although I assume you probably don't), you can just set up a regular keyboard to do the same thing through the game interface.

    Input devices are pretty personal things. It's up to you if the features on this board are worthwhile. If you actually like the idea of these preprogrammed buttons, the labels and artwork on it may make it more enjoyable to use than any other standard keyboard. Otherwise, you'd likely find it annoying having half your keyboard prebound to very minor functions. It really depends on what kind of user/player you are.

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