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    Just eat healthy, dont go on a damn diet...
    Clearly people dont understand what trolling is, and no i WAS NOT trolling.

    You should NOT go on a specific diet to lose weight, just eat healthy foods in a calorie deficit.
    If you are sedentary and burn 2000 calories just being you, and you plan on losing a pound a week you need to be in a 500 deficit, so 1500.
    But if you burn lets say 300 calories from your exercise, you can eat 1800 calories.

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    If you can follow it, it can work. Studies are all over the place as to whether mostly cutting carbs is actually better for you than sticking with them. Paleo supporters will talk about how much better it is to stick to fats and proteins, and carbs are the enemy, but there are just as many claiming the opposite. Either way, the lifestyle is really hard to maintain, imo. I love carbs, so I couldn't keep it up for more than a month. It takes longer than that to notice any real differences. If you stick to it, you'll burn fat for energy (ketosis), but if you're a typical American you'll likely die before sticking to it.

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