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    Urban/Park Freeski . New skis ! which ? help to decide ;)

    Hello fellow mmo'ers !

    Im trying to decide which skis should i get , since im getting rid of my old ones. Mostly doing urban (and park) freeski. Hitting rails in my town, and such.. so if here is people who know about those kind of things , would be nice to get your opinion.

    I've narrowed the options to 2 skis :
    First one is Line Afterbang 2013(?)

    -Always been one of those "need to get " skis haha i don't know. They seem to have "legendary" status if you can say so..
    - I' heard that the top surface chips off easily ? Paint gets off easily
    - Overall that they take more "hit". Wears out more easily
    -Made like a skateboard, and ive heard it gives hella good pop ? Anybody got experience?
    -They weight bit more than my other option, but does it really matter so much ? These are like 1,9kg per ski , or some like that
    -advanced skis huh ?

    The second option: Line Mastermind 2013(?)

    -Friend is currently using these, says they are awesome
    -Lighter than Afterbangs, about 1,5k per ski
    -I've read some reviews about these, and they aren't said to be "for advanced skiers", don't know if that matters or.. like they are more for beginners-ish
    - Not so "epic" huh, but they are lighter, and if they don't wear out as fast as they say that afterbangs do?
    -any special features, other than that they are light ? Can't find from reviews .

    Feel free to suggest other skis too ! My price range is between 0-450e, or at least I've found those skis fitting into that range.

    (Might not contain so well written english, but as a Finn, doing my best hehee)
    hope this is right section for this kind of thingy.
    Binds when picked up
    Two-Hand* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Mace
    1336-1337* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Speed 1.337
    (133.7 damage per second)
    +100 Owning Noobs
    Chance on hit: Bans a Noob/Troll.

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    I'd suggest to try out your friend's pair first, and see how you like them. That might help you in making the decision.
    Unfortunately I can't recommend any skis, as I only know snowboards :P

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