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    Mistweaver Monk - 10man Amber-Shaper Un Sok

    Hello there,

    I need some advice for mistweaver monks on 10man Amber'Shaper. How should I avoid healing the parasitic growth?

    What really bugs me there is the following:

    a) Renewing Mist jumping (usually) to the guy with the parasitic growth, and if he/she does not click it off it keeps healing him/her resulting in even more damage
    b) When the above happens, of course I can't use my Uplift, or it further heals that guy, which kills him/her even faster. TFT is also out of the question
    c) If statue is up, channelling soothing mist usually heals the guy with the parasitic growth yet again, so I have to make sure statue is not up either
    d) If something goes wrong (missed interrupt, or whatever), and parasitic growth is up - I will most likely have to sacrifice that person to heal the raid
    e) Eminence healing suffers the same as above

    So, if we are two healing this boss - 99% of the time our 10man goes with me and a resto druid duo-healing it, what the heck should I be doing? Just channelling soothing mist/enveloping mist and that's it? And pray for the RNG gods to love me and RM to not jump on the person with the debuff? Or just make everyone make a macro to cancelaura RM?
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    Druid should not put any HoTs on the person, Its not a huge deal if ReM lands on a target just avoid uplift if it is unless the person is like below 70% and heal using soothing mist and surge if it gets rough just put life cacoon on the person, I dont have much experience with 2 healing with a resto druid as we mainly disc + mist the fight but i have done it with a resto druid and thats what I did.

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    If you have any pallies in your group, have them spec into Hand of Purity for this fight. It IS helpful, since you can heal like normal and once they (the person with PG) start getting low, have the pally HoP them to mitigate some of the damage it does so you can top them off.

    As long as the druid is leaving the person with PG alone, ReM + Uplift is NOT enough heals to kill the person outright. You might want to avoid melee'ing the boss & adds, since that adds to it. If they have a damage mitigation cooldown, have them pop it if absolutely necessary, although it should be saved for later in the fight when healers start getting mutated.

    Don't forget to have people that can get rid of it, make sure they do (Cloak of Shadows, Ice Block, Bubble, etc). The less you need to worry about it, the better.

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    Eminence has a 20-yard range. Get your parasitic targets to outrange the heal.

    RM is not enough to kill them. Eminence, alone, is probably not enough to kill them. Have your other healers stop bombing them and let you do it, and everyone will be fine.

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    Great, appreciate your help Hopefully we can try that as soon as possible, since yesterday I was starting to get frustrated with healing there.

    I realize it's not an optimal setup that we're running with anyway, but so far we've made it work and I really don't see any reason not to be able to do Amber-Shaper as well.
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    Ghostcrawler: Death knights are the only current Hero class, which means they are supposed to be the best class in the game.

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    Healing Spheres work fine for me during phase 1 and 2. maybe a bit tricky if a melee has the debuff.

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    Like others have said, eminence/ReM isn't going to kill them. The person can stand to have a bit of healing. Honestly on our heroic kill this week, I said screw it and just dps'ed amber shaper and the monstrosity the entire time. With stacks building on them, their damage taken increased and thus my eminence healing increased. The person with the parasite was regularly getting up to 100k+ ticks, but they'd be healed back to full the next time I jabbed or used blackout kick. Now I'm not necessarily recommending that you do that. It's more so just pointing out that a little bit of healing isn't going to kill the person, so don't fret over ReM jumping to them or anything.

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