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    Worth Upgrading my System?

    Current system:

    CPU - i7 920 2.67 Ghz
    GPU - GTX 285
    Memory - 12 GB (not sure the exact specs of it)

    Open world zone performance in MoP at high settings has been kind of iffy (30-45 FPS), with kind of a lagginess to it. 25 man raid performance is around 40 fps with drops to 25 fps in high AoE situations. Raid performance in T14 actually seems better than it was in T12 and T13 for some reason.

    I am thinking of upgrading to a system with a current generation i5 or i7 and a 660 or 660Ti. (budget is around $1500 max). Am I going to see enough of a performance increase for this to be worthwhile, or am I better off holding off like 6 months for newer hardware?

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    You should upgrade your GPU, overclock your CPU, and wait for the next CPU gen from Intel.

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    It is a Gateway OEM motherboard/BIOS, so overclocking the CPU is not an option, and the PSU probably won't support an upgraded GPU either. How much of a performance increase would an i5/660 be? If it is like 5-10 FPS, it's obviously a waste of money, but if it's 50% or so, I'd consider it.

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    Less than 5 FPS, if that many. I guess you need to build something all new now! The only other option would be upgrading your PSU and GPU now and waiting to do the rest.

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