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    Honestly, this is why I say people are stupid in this game


    Just look at the 2 matches previous to the 3v3 loss.



    I snowball my team, and they're to stupid to follow up with anything. Every teamfight nami was late to intiate her wave, she always missed her q's. In the second game it was looking great, I thought there was no way we could lose. Well, we did. Teemo thought he could 1v5 the other team, was always in the front lines, being ranged & all with a frozen mallet he could kite for days. Ali started pushing enemies away from us to secure their lives at one point.

    Honestly, I'm tired of it. I know I shouldn't play on weekends. I know boo hoo play against bots. But why should I have to hinder my experience for others stupidity?

    I'm so tired of it.

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    Hey, don't worry about it. I know everyone likes winning, but, look at it this way: YOU kicked ass. That had to have been fun.

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    We have a nice, fancy rage thread over here for your complaints. Please use it next time instead of making new threads.

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