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    Can't even get in shadow-step range when they are moving it about.

    Glyph should be "increases it by 500% but no longer breaks stealth targets".
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    The trouble with "damage that does a certain percentage of your health" or even absorbs to break in order to break stealth, comes down to 1 thing.

    Combat text. The damage numbers in the game view will give away your position--you may as well just be destealthed. I think a cooldown that lasts say 3 seconds but makes you untargetable by aoe attacks would be the way to do it. It has to be specifially aoes though. If a person spots you, clicks on you, and casts a single target ability, it should for sure break stealth.
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    I'm sure putting the numbers on the player isn't a thing that would have to happen. Does vanish even allow that now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lemons View Post
    GC has done a couple tweets about stealth:

    As a rouge i have problems getting a clean opner in arena and duel because of the amount of aoe effects in the game. toughts?
    Try a rogue, they have better stealth.
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    How about implementing something along the lines of what they did for the 3rd ToES boss. Multiple hits to break stealth but an effect will show you where the rogue is.

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    IMHO; shield equal to 10-15% health of the rogue which only absorbs AOE effects while in stealth, and prevents them from breaking it.

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    shadow walk + aoe immunity for the duration seems pretty good to me.

    they cannot make rogues aoe immune otherwise it would bee too strong.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Duravian View Post
    Try a rogue, they have better stealth.
    you are quite outdated about rogues their stealth is the worst stealth in game other classes have better stealth then rogues have
    the ultimate answer's to all rogue issues :

    -Rogues might still be dealing with the changes to combo points {2014}

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    Stealth is a tricky one. those who have it love it, those who dont, think its unfair.

    but the simple thing is, its design intent is to give us an opener on the situation. thats the purpose. now an issue which
    has been ever present in wow.. if the enemy doesnt know you are there? you can get a solid and sometimes devastating opener off
    letting you start the fight on your terms.

    however in arena and duels.. they know your class. and are therefore acting as they wouldnt normally. just by knowing you are there
    from gladius. even if you have used your skill to not be seen etc.. so they spam aoe's.. and stop you getting that all important opener

    I personally play with subterfuge as getting an opener is more vital then ever.

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    Not only the aoe effects but also effects such as reflective shield or some warlock thingie that make you take I guess something along the lines of proportional damage dealts even though you are not attacking, that also breaks stealth ;-)

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    I'm on the side of giving shadow walk an immunity for the duration but maybe increase the duration slightly.

    Going into dalaran sewers with a lock running about in the middle is just fucking stupid. His aoe covers the entire map.

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    cuz locks 500% radius can be avoided that easy. lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Holofernes View Post
    stealth should be removed.
    it is an unfair advantage in pvp, and has no sense in pve. I have no clue why hunters, rogues, mages all got stealth nowadays. its just retared. and now u ask for beeing perma stealth without getting knocked out if u run into a clearly visible area effect?

    Thats like beeing able to build dts and there is no detection in game.

    Nowadays rogues can even vanish with dots up and still become invisible and reopen, an ability wich only skillful rogues were able to pull of in tbc, and since wotlk, every retard can do it. They can spam silences in a opener all day long, casters are prone to do nothing for the first 10 seconds, if a rogue opens on them.

    Hunters mark doesnt dissalow restealth any more. Dots are ignored. it still is a Rootbreaker.
    So many retarded buffs to stealth, so that even the last rogue will have their failsafe reset ability if one gank didnt work out well..

    Most funny are the guys who whine about rogues bad status in arenas. I bet they have never fought against the skillfull ones this season.
    sounds like a casual bad who got beat by a rogue in a bg.
    It's not the great who are strong...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gamez View Post
    Rogues shouldnt even complain with the failproof vanish cata brought.
    GTFO. That vanish change hurt the rogues who already knew how to use vanish properly, and made it easier for the brainless who wanted to use vanish even when smothered with DoT's. At least with the old vanish you could use it to cancel the damage or effect from enemy abilities. Vanishing deathcoil? Gone. Vanishing Blind? Gone.

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