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    Quote Originally Posted by Ceyx View Post
    Something similar happened to me OP. As such, I refuse to go back on the Blizzard forums. For the most part, everyone will hate you if you have any complaints/concerns at all. That, along with that fact that everyone is rude douche... I encountered a crap ton of pontification whenever I posted ANYTHING.
    Because you people are so friendly to anyone who disagrees with you. You get what you give so maybe take a hint and realize the way people treat you might be a result of your own actions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xanzul View Post
    Because you people are so friendly to anyone who disagrees with you. You get what you give so maybe take a hint and realize the way people treat you might be a result of your own actions.
    Huh? I don't even.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buu View Post
    This is one of times I am not sarcastic with complainers, as those moderators that entered the team during Cataclysm have a LONG history of abusing power.
    Funny thing, your "abuse of power" is what I see as "Damn, those moderators just need to tell some people to shut the fuck up."... Seriously, so many stupid questions, even plain assaults on Ghostcrawler, for example, and they always need to take it easy. I'd support them at being a bit more douche-y.

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    Preface: I am having the absolute worst of luck editting my posts. Constant "NospecifiedThread" Errors for some reason. Anyways.. lets see if this does it.

    It was deleted because there is nothing left to say on the matter. It is spam at this point. Blizzard gets it. You don't like cross realm zones. Noted. It has been 3 months and Blizzard hasn't budged at all on the issue and they even humored you people by yrying to have a civil constructive discussion about it. They gave up because no matter what they said or how many times they say it, all of you continue to this day to spread misinformation and lies and twist everything they say around. If you are being ignored it is because the anti cross realm crowd brought it on themselves.[COLOR="red"].[/QUOTE]

    Actually once I get the ability to post Screenshots and URLs I think you'll find that is not the case. If your the same Xanzul from the WOW Forums, I know already we wont have a civil discussion as you were one of the people reporting posts illegitimately as spamming and Trolling. I didnt ever give misinformation or lie about it, or twist anything they say around, so if your going to spew that sort of trash, I want proof not generalizations.

    Prove me wrong. Quote me doing what you claim. Otherwise your just creating more "facts". If anything my posts were all very, very civil, and they can still be found on the Forums as they didnt delete the others. I dont know if I can speak for the others that posted. But I know this much. CRZ is a stupid concept that screws with the RP Servers. It has potential. It needs a Opt-Out. Why does it need a Opt Out? Because no one likes features forcefed down their throats. Especially features that are as heavy as this one was.

    I get that its a MMO. That isnt the problem. The problem is Server Transfers doing nothing. The Problem is my girlfriend transfering from Moon Guard to WRA to escape her sociopathic Ex, and now being $25.00 poorer because the guy can now stalk her. The problem is that report player is "still" broken, and so is 2-seater mounts. The problem isnt nodes, its a problem of player attitudes.

    Getting back on topic,

    A.) I used to work in Forums similar to WoW; and I know for a fact that when a moderator bans you, it sends a automatic email to you giving why you were banned. Its much like I gather the Scrapbot here works.
    B.) I didnt get one of those. This infers it was not a moderator.
    C.) I wrote WoWreported 4 days ago. No reply forthcoming.
    D.) My screenshotted ban indicates no offensive language, which is something they have to provide (Company Policy mate) as it is intended to show the person why they are being banned, and how they can avoid it in the future. I got a 1 week ban coupled with a Final Warning. Problem is I've never been banned and the Final Warning was written like this. "Final Warning."

    That is unethical, spineless and I hope whomever caused it, pays for it in the form of reassignment. I say reassignment as I cant in good conscience given the Holiday ask for termination, less still when I think how bad the USA's economy is. But whoever did it cleanly needs to lose their power.

    In any case, I wont be back on the WOW Forums unless it is reversed, and the post restored; as I find them to frankly be a sick joke. Blizzard deserves the Forum Behavior it has to put up with in my estimates. However the CRZ Feedback threads will continue in a few days, so get your report post finger ready Xanzul. Several people have already approached me in avenues Blizzard cannot control, and they fully intend to pick up where I left off. So really I dont care.

    If you have to delete a thread and ban a person to come out ahead, then you lost the argument already.

    Edit: As of Five hours ago the thread CRZ#16 was restored to the Forums after a 5 day deletion. Perhaps instead of spindoctoring Xanzul, you should correct the outright lie that Bezlok made?

    Bezlok: "This thread is only six pages long and it was started over a week ago. Glad to see the CRZ whiners are finally running out of steam."

    No, the thread was deleted by a spineless twit who wanted to silence dissent, and someone on the Forums with more clout saw what they were doing and went over their heads. If the same people who restored the thread read this reply, would you consider perma-banning Xanzul? He's spamming on the WoW Forums a bunch of hateful rhetoric now to try and get the thread deleted.

    Edit 2:
    I have to ask Xanzul, are you aware that the good moderators know what account you post from even if you post from a level 1 alt? Stop with the trolling or it'll result in your posting rights on WoW being removed.

    I think "you" need to take the hint, and meditate on it mate.
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    Quote Originally Posted by leafs43 View Post
    I got perma-banned from the Blizzard forums calling someone a retard (which said person was acting just like it).

    Blizzard mods are completely unhinged. And if you do something they don't like, they will go to town on you.
    You intentionally insulted someone and broke their rules... If you saw a random person in the real life which you didn't particularly like, you obviously wouldn't call him/her a retard immediately would you? You might be the breaking all rules type of guy, but in this case it's definitely not as cool as you seem to think.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moradim View Post
    if you dont agree that crz is the best thing since sliced bread, that people love dailies, and that the rep grind for the right to spend valor is a good idea, then odds are you will get a ban.

    the mods at those forums are nazis.
    I've never been banned on those forums. Behave appropriately and you won't either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cren View Post
    Yes because clearly if people stop playing an 8 year old game it must be Ghostcrawlers fault right? And seriously stop thinking that a person is destroying Blizzard.... You dont think your overreacting here just a tad? Do you really think that he has complete control of the company or something and can do whatever he wants no matter what the other people at Blizzard thinks?
    Oh please, you're embarrassing yourself, everybody knows that already but people just take out their hate on one individual. Kinda obvious...

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    Quote Originally Posted by NSrm View Post
    MMO-Champion moderators aren't great either tbh.
    They should ban more often.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blockygame View Post
    Why would you care about past posts on a forum where it's a privilege to post in the first place, other than to look back on some trolling gems you're frond of?, but seriously it's probably to give you a clean slate for when the ban lifts as it seems it might be one way to stop others looking through your history to provoke a response to trip you up.
    Yep most likely.

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