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    Seeking advice.

    About three hours ago my WoW account of 6 years was perma-banned. The reasoning was this:

    "Reason for Closure: Terms of Use Violation -- Exploitative Activity: Abuse of the Economy

    This account was closed because one or more characters were identified exchanging, or contributing to the exchange of, in-game property (items or gold) for "real-world" currency. This exchange process negatively impacts the World of Warcraft game environment by detracting from the value of the in-game economy."

    I have never sold anything in game for "real-world" currency. Nor have I ever purchased gold, etc.

    I've already appealed and they state they are firm in their position to have the ban stick. I have asked if they could provide proof of such 'Exploitive Activity' and am awaiting a response. I've even called the customer support line and they said they cannot do anything and that the web form is the only way to deal with this issue.

    Does anyone know if they will actually provided concrete details on what I did?(Is it too much to ask that I be proven guilty?) Anyone have any suggestions on what to say, ask, request about the action on my account?

    This is just so random and I am upset at the situation. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks.
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    The only thing you can do is contact Blizzard. We don't know the true details

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    3 possibilities:


    Gold selling.

    Too much gold was made in too short time.

    The first two things won't get you back anything, the last thing - ofc, it's just a preemptive method. Contact their support and be happy.

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    I had the same problem a couple years ago. I sent them an email and they removed the ban. I think it's a precaution if they think you're a bot or got hacked or something.

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    I've been unbanned:

    "After further review, I wasn't able to find substantial evidence suggesting that you had done anything wrong. It appears a 'false positive' has turned up for your recent purchase of an Inscribed Red Fan, so I have restored access to your account.

    Sometimes in our effort to get rid of hackers and cheaters, innocent players may get caught in the crossfire and for that I apologize. I just wanted to thank you for being persistant and patient during all of this as mistakes do sometimes occur."

    Seems that one of the auto-ban programs they have chose to ban me. Apparently buying an item for 4k gold through a trade window(rather than through the AH) is a bad thing to do. So will not do so from now on.

    Thanks for the replies. Being persistent paid off.

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