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    Raid Target DPS= Raid rdy

    I normally tank so don`t know the numbers, but in order to pull minimal dps on Sha of Fear, what should I be putting on on Raid Target Dummy. Keep in mind I wont be flasked or feast on dummy.
    Frost Obviously.


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    The boss is easy as far as dps check is concerned, just pure mechanics really. Just as long as everyone is up and dpsing and not dying to the same mechanics over and over.

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    I'd say 60k.
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    Probably >mid 60s. Do LFR and aim to be top 3.
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    It's a high movement fight, but I killed it in a pug with around 60-65k average dps. (including the tanks)

    You got 15 minutes, the only REAL dps race part of the fight is killing the adds when you're transported. If they die before the second group is sent on 10-man you have the DPS for it. Pop BL at start and at the end.

    Also tell your dps to use Fearwards / AMS / Fear immunities BEFORE Breath of Fear comes up. It will save them the need to go all the way back into the yellow safe zone and they can keep nuking adds from behind or the boss from the sides (if melee).

    It's a very simple fight, it's just long. It doesn't even have a second phase that makes it a bit interesting on normal mode like Madness had.

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