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    Playing since Vanilla, never (really) PvP'd. Which toon to use to start?

    So, I've been playing since vanilla and I've never really gotten into PvP (beyond screwing around back in vanilla when AV would take 4 hours and doing mindless WG/TB over the last two expansions), and I've decided I'm going to get into it a little bit, but I don't know which of my two characters to use (or if I should get one of my other ~80s up to 90 for PvP purposes).

    Right now, I have a druid (feral/guardian) and a DK, both of whom have LFR weapons and a full set of the blue pvp armor. I also have hunter and shaman at 85 and paladin, mage, warlock, priest at 80. Of these options, which would you suggest for a complete pvp noob (who is going to focus mainly on random BGs for now). -- Obviously, I'm also cool with switching specs, etc.

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    I'd say that if you've been around here since vanilla you know pretty much what class you enjoy playing with most. For random BGs the class is not that much important, but the people you play with (and against).
    I've been a rogue for all my wow days and the only other class I enjoy playing with is Priest. However I can do anything with my rogue, top PVE, top PVP (medium pro) while on the priest I can hardly be that super useful offensive and defensive dude. I mostly stick to healing but no wild mana burns and stuff. While on rogue I can do anything, from sneaky caps to legendary defends.
    Still nothing beats going in with 4 mates and basically being able to control the BG.
    It's really up to you.

    Good luck !

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    Rdruid if u like lil challenge, they require quite skill to master in pvp. If u want low skillcap healer go for holy pally.

    If you want to play dps, go for DK its easiest from your alt classes to play in pvp.

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    I hope i can help you:

    first of all i recommend choosing the class you love playing

    if you want really good burst, utility and CC, i recommend you to play your Feral. If you play this spec right you will be unpeelable.

    If you enjoy good aoe damage, high offensive pressure and micro managing i suggest you play your DK.

    Currently on live:
    BG/RBG: DK>>Feral

    Arena: Feral>>DK

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    frost mage for random bg's

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