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    Would it be safe to hope for new char models for next expansion?

    Even if not at release, then perhaps in the first or second major patch?

    I can understand if they don't release them this expansion. Remember, they're already working on a new one which, if their hold true to their new release plan, they'll put out sometime next winter either late 2012 or early 2013. That's early and takes work, so they probably can't put as many people to work on new models (current models are working, the next expansion isn't finished yet, takes higher priority). Plus they need to work on other patches for this expansion.

    So would it be reasonable to expect new models in the next 12-15 months?

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    nope, wont happen.

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    They should be in this expansion, if not this expansion then definitely the next.

    They've already completed 3 or 4 races so yea....

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    I'm likely way off, but I feel if they're going to do it, it may be in patch 5.3. That patch, assuming MoP will have three raid tiers, will likely not have a raid, and would still be a much-appreciated patch because of this upgrade. The reason I'd see them going for that is that when they focus their art team on a new expansion, there is a huge workload on the model artists that should simply be less within an expansion. A new raid will also need new models. Now, they could release later, but I don't see them selling well with the next expansion, with 8 year old models in a brand new amazing landscape. Maybe it'll arrive in the next expansion's pre-patch..

    Still, we know they are working on it, but aren't ready to share previews yet. My money's on 5.3, after the next raid tier, but that may be too hopeful :P

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    i think they'll announce them at Blizzcon next year.
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    New Character Models are a great selling point for an expansion of a 8 year old game, I can guarentee they will use that as a selling point.
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    They're working ferociously on them.

    Hell they're hinting we may have them by the end of Mists.

    And the 10th anniversary of WoW, marked with the return of the Legion along with new Character Models, would be fan fucking tastic.
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    MoP seems to be doing well, so there is no real need for that kind of crowd-pleaser. Perhaps if there is a huge drop in subs in one of the later patches they will release a few races, just like they did with LFR and transmog in cata. In any case it seems pretty much a sure thing that next expansion we will see all races redone, maybe a few at a time or maybe all together at launch as a main selling point of the expansion.

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    You shouldn't assume anything until they've made an official announcement about it and they've started pushing it as a new feature of the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Archdruid Dehydrate View Post
    New Character Models are a great selling point for an expansion of a 8 year old game, I can guarentee they will use that as a selling point.
    This all over. They could also incorporate the long overdue dance studio as well since the new models are supposed to be completely new with different articulations and animations and not just high poly touch ups. It is a good selling point but also a way to introduce a completely different variety of customization for characters. They should go beyond mere models, add customization for voice sets as well imo. And everything changeable, aside from race/faction, in game for gold.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ineko View Post
    They've already completed 3 or 4 races so yea....
    Where did they say that?

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    I think they´ll come with the pre-patch for the next expansion. I don´t think they´ll put them as a "feature" for the next expansion just because it would be awkward cause that´s not really a feature.

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    At this point, probably for next expansion release, and at that, they will probably just give them to us all at once vs in stages as was the original plan. They said they already had dwarves pretty much done and a couple others on the way and that was quite some time now and we haven't heard much on the topic since.

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    i couldn't see them doing that mid expac so yeah probably the next one would be safe to assume, considering how much they are talking about it
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    No, it would be very dangerous to hope for new char models. So dangerous that paramilitary squirrels are coming right now to abduct you and hide you in their secret lair. It might even be moose level danger you face now. Flee while you can!

    Honestly I wouldn't try and put an expectations on it, they'll get it done or they wont. They continue answering in a manner saying they cannot say anything for certain to avoid creating false expectations.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Archdruid Dehydrate View Post
    New Character Models are a great selling point for an expansion of a 8 year old game, I can guarentee they will use that as a selling point.
    Agreed. It's too big a change to what players see in the world, on a regular basis, to not be saved for an expansion just like the 1-60 revamp was.

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    this is what i see happening either new character models will be in patch 5.5 near the end of the expansion as a main thing for a little patch inbetween raid patches OR there gonna hold off on it and announce them at blizzcon as a main selling point for the next expansion
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    No way will it be a content patch for MoP. They may keep teasing a bit by releasing finished models in NPC form, but completely revamped player models will come in 6.0.
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    If they simply changed the human running animation and nothing else about them it would still be a vast, vast improvement.

    Although maybe the stiff, "carrot-wedged in my gluteal cleft" running technique is actually proper form and conducive to speed in some alternate reality. (Such as Azeroth.)

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