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    Shadow Priest - Dailies - Quick Question

    Is it possible to use the disc/holy set for shadow (for doing dailies only) ?

    Thanks for your time

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    Sure. Most of my shadowgear are holy epic pieces. Spirit is your hit then.

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    if i've been doing it with resto gear as an ele shamn i couldn't see why not
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    Your healing gear will work fine for questing in shadow. Look at your trinkets though. Any with a spirit main stat is not going to help you.

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    you'll probably have about 30% hit, but other than that it's fine. Reforge it if you want to, but dailies aren't really that hard so should be fine without.

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    I'm doing it and It's pretty quick Go for it.
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    Yep it works. Doing dailys as disc isn't terrible either though, imo :P

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