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    Cool <Avoid> 2/6HM 12/16N US Illidan recruiting Healer & Tank for core!

    <Avoid> is a 10 man raiding guild on US Illidan. We are a recent core team that server transferred to Illidan and looking to rebuild from the ground up to pursue high end progression in this game. We want progression focused raiders who are mature and experienced in hard mode raiding. Majority of us are all 21+ and have full control of our lives. We are drama free, and keep egos out of our raids. We pull fast, and try to excel, brainstorm, and figure out issues when dealing with a mechanic. If you want to raid in a mature environment, please consider us. Few of our raiders livestream our raids, and provide certain amount of income for our core raiders. We are also sponsored by Wicked Audio, so we honor them and keep a professional attitude in all aspects of the warcraft community.

    Classes that we really need to fill our last core spots.
    Resto Shaman or Resto Druid
    Prot Palading or Blood Deathknight

    Raid Schedule:
    Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday
    7:00PM - 10:00PM EST

    Current Progression:
    2/6HM 12/16N (We understand we are a little behind, but it's due to server transfer and holidays. We have a lot of potential to be a great solid core group we are just looking to fill these last 2 spots! We have had quite a few trials, but are still looking for those last two gems.)

    You can apply on our website www.avoidguild.com

    We are always recruiting trials, as we like to keep our raid spots competitive. So even if your class isn't posted we highly suggest applying with us!

    Guild Management:
    Nickcraft / Zkeletor / Pizza

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    We just need to fill one or two core spots with two gems!

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