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    tips against depression?

    hi im not going to borrow my little brothers account but since high school have i been depressed.

    i didnt care about school at all, i enjoyed life and girls and suddenly i had a meeting with the teachers, either keep calm at classes and fix everything you missed or youll have to start over this year again.

    only having two months left of that year i had to focus everything on trying to be quiet at classes and doing everything at home. didnt sleep well and after i FINALLY did all my stuff teachers said i didnt need to start all over.

    so i was extremely quiet obviously so i went home and slept. the odd thing is no mather how much i slept i felt tired and felt that i had no energy left. i didnt bother meeting friends, i got low grades, skipped school etc because i felt tired and out of energy and felt that i should reward my body by staying home and doing nothing.

    until today this has pretty much messed up my life. everytime a girl talks to me and give me her number i throw it away. everytime someone tries to be a friend i throw his number away. i am over 20s and i dont even search for work, the thing is that i have no energy left on my body.

    sure if its like one week its ok but this has gone on for years. i noticed that im depressed, i honestly thought it only applied to people that are sad and want to take their own lives but no, i am depressed because i wasted so much time getting my life fixed.

    as i already said my life is messed up because i have no energy left. otherwise i would have a job and a girlfriend.

    any tips on how to get my energy back and carry on my life? anyone who had similar problems and could fix it? thanks in advance.

    doctor didnt take me serious so im going to do something else instead. what a pity, i actually talked to four different doctors..

    again, thanks in advance.

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    1) Go outside. Exercise has been proven to help.
    2) Do stuff. Don't let yourself sit around.

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    Why do you want to change who you are?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raferis View Post
    Why do you want to change who you are?
    Depression isn't "who you are". It's a treatable neurological condition.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rukentuts View Post
    Depression isn't "who you are". It's a treatable neurological condition.
    Garbage. If you're not normal then it's a sickness and you have to be adjusted.

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    Well I hear you on the sucking in school part, I did terrible in highschool and that really bummed me out because all of my friends were going to graduate and i ALMOST didn't. By luck my teachers passed me because I was polite in class and such. For me what really took my mind off of shitty happenings was music, i played music all throughout highschool and it still is the one thing that really gets me out of a funk...and into a funk. lol. But in all seriousness have you ever tried to pick up an artistic hobby? or something that you could put time into that would just take your mind off of all the hate and shittiness that happens in your life? Also video games have been there for me, they let me get out alot of my frustration and i look forward to playing them which makes me happy. I don't want to sound like im offending you but alot of the times when ive been in a very bad place in my life my father or other peers would tell me all of the stress and shit they have to deal with on a day to day basis at their salary paying jobs and the fact that they had to raise kids, pretty much telling me to suck it up and my life could be alot worse. Now im not telling you to do that. its just that for me i always try to find the positives in ANY situation even though it can be really hard. Well, thats my two cents, i hope that i helped you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raferis View Post
    Garbage. If you're not normal then it's a sickness and you have to be adjusted.
    It's caused when serotonin is reabsorbed into the brain too quickly.

    Please learn something about it before you go off spouting nonsense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rukentuts View Post
    It's caused when serotonin is reabsorbed into the brain too quickly.

    Please learn something about it before you go off spouting nonsense.
    But if it's reabsorbed too quickly then who was on the other line?

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    What Rukentuts said. Even if at first you don't feel like exercising, just go for a stroll or sit in a chair out in the sun for a while. Exposure to sunlight has benefits for some depressive states. Also, make sure you are eating well. Stress can also lead to depression, so try not to stress about the past that you can't change or about getting that girl or that job. For now, just eat well and go outside.

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    Quote Originally Posted by taurvanhiel View Post
    Even if at first you don't feel like exercising, just go for a stroll or sit in a chair out in the sun for a while. Exposure to sunlight has benefits for some depressive states.
    Wow, I cannot believe I forgot about this one. If sitting in the sun is not an option due to winter, make sure you have plenty of Vitamin D in your diet, and take a supplement if necessary.

    This deficiency of Vitamin D is what causes SAD (seasonal affective disorder) in populations in places with high latitudes.

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    I have suffered from depressions in periods. SSRI (antidepressives) might help - paraxotin have worked for me. However, that kind of medicine had some unpleasent side effects for me. Main issue is that they seem to have anesthetic effect on happy feelings as well as the sad, depressive feelings. You kinda go numb on antidepressives (at least i did).
    The absolut best tips i could give is allready given in this thread - excersize really helps.
    You can allso try to get more out in the sun if you dont do that allready.
    You should allso get your D- Vitamin lvl checked. Alot of us - more than we think, suffers for Vitamin D Deficiency, wich can lead to depressions.

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    Chances are you got a depression disorder like me and honestly we got the shit end of the stick. There is options like medication and psychotherapy but honestly nothing is gonna return you to 100% or at least nothing has for me thus far. As for the meds just be careful because they can BACKFIRE bad and fuck you up, but if you get the right one it's definitely helpful.

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    See a proper doctor.

    There's no easy ways out of a depression (for some it's an eternal struggle), but some of the most common ways to address depression include (as already mentioned);

    - Exercising at least twice a week. Muscle work is not needed, but raise your heartbeat.
    - Get enough sun light. Vitamin D deficiency causes lethargy.
    - Actively work on getting out of the house an interact with people in one way or another. Even if it's just once a week. - Chatting with somebody at the gym could achieve this.
    - Anti-depressive medication work for some. It may be a solution for you.

    See a doctor.

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    Go see a doctor asap. Have your family doctor refer you to a psychiatrist.

    you can change your diet or exercise or find an active hobby but it is absolutely crucial you see a doctor!

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    Take a sip of booze before going out. Works for me.

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    You talked to 4 different doctors and none of them wanted to help you?

    At least you seem to want to change, one of my very good friends has depression, but he doesn't want to change either, he feels like he deserves to be miserable and will do nothing to change it.

    I've told him I will exercise with him, help him with anything he needs, basically anything to make him feel better, but he never takes me up on it, and he won't go see a doctor about it either.
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    See a doctor, or better yet a psychiatrist. If you need medication to help kick-start things, they will be able to do that for you. They will also be able to help sort out whether your problem is chemical in nature (will need long term medication) or psychological (might need meds for a boost here and there, but will otherwise be able to overcome it once problems are addressed).

    At the same time, start making yourself do stuff. I don't care whether you want to or not, do it. Go outside for a walk in the sunshine. Go out for a meal with your parents, a sibling, or another relative you felt close to before all this started. Start working on making yourself smile whether you feel it or not. If you just sit around waiting to feel better, you never will. You're not going to magically come up with motivation after this long. You have to fight it. Every time you win a small battle (like making yourself go walk around the block when it's bright and sunny out), congratulate yourself. Take a minute to appreciate that you had the willpower to win this time. You won't win every time and that's perfectly okay, but you won this time. You did good. Also remember not to put yourself down if you lose the battle the next time, because it's going to happen. It doesn't make you bad or wrong, it just means that you didn't have it today - but you will tomorrow, the next day, or a day next week.

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    Exercise was the only thing that worked for me for depression and quitting smoking. SSRIs didn't do shit for me... of course everyone is different, also if you can manage to stick with school and actually having something to keep your brain busy that helps. I dunno what to say other than there's sometimes just shit you don't want to do and have no energy to do, but you do it anyway, there's no magic solution.

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    i had a different situation leading up to my depression, but it led me to the pit you're in. 5 years i was down there. couldn't face people so i shopped for groceries at 4 am, didn't want to see any of my friends or family, couldn't bring myself around to get work. all the usual

    want to know what brought me around. i got a cat. 3 month old kitten, just me and her. i couldn't let her starve or be bored could i? i learned to give a shit again. that was 3 years ago. now i'm 2nd in command at the job i've held down for the last year, i've moved to a nicer room and i'm just throwing some clothes on before i go out to see a few bands play tonight with friends
    somebody call for d doctor?

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    cant answer pms need 10 posts but thanks for all help mates

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