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    Wow is dead

    I feel so unalive now that Ive stopped playing Wow. It was a part of my lifestyle. I just felt like there wasnt anything left from the good old exciting days when the game was all new and everything was difficult. The excitement I found in the last good expansions, Bc and Wotlk was that the lore and the main bosses were already familiar from Wc3. Compare Illidan and Lich king with an overgrown dragon Deathwing or Somekind of Badass panda or some Gas cloud Sha which is nearly a fart with no lore. The new expansions lack a real main villain which is involved in the game straight from the beginning.
    I didnt like Cataclysm, I dont like killing dragons in an mmo neither do I like Big fluffy pandas. It just doesnt fit in Wow. Now Every1 will say: DEATHWING WAS IN WC3 and the PANDAS WERE MENTIONED IN WC3! But they were not in significant role there.
    I felt so depressed after few months of Cataclysm release because I didnt have fun with my favorite game anymore. Everyday after a long schoolday I was happy to go home and play Wow with my guild to do a raid or some pvp. For 5 or 6? years it was like that and suddenly I just didnt like it anymore. I had brakes with Wow during Cataclysm but I kept buying gametime hoping I could like the game again. Did a bit raiding there, Firelands was ok and the other raids werent so bad either (except dragon soul which was awful) but the game isnt all about raiding and PVP is too restricted nowadays.
    Now Pandaria. Its obvious that the real Wow-lore has died long ago but pandas? really? And all these new changes, talents, pet battles? The abilities and glyphs I liked with my favorite classes have been re-designed or removed. This was the call for me to stop playing the game. The game has been made easier to the new players. Adding the Raid finder, making raids only 25 man or 10 man, Everything is just not hardcore today (The new Hc modes are a joke compared to what raids where back in the days) It just doesnt feel like the same game after these big changes. I guess they just cant keep a single game good forever. So I just freezed my subscription and I think I wont be buying it back. I just dont have nothing to do honestly now that I dont play wow anymore. Good bye WOW I loved you.

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