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    [Help] Advice request what spec for what boss frost/ arc - and a fire question

    Hi all

    First time posting in the forums " be gentle" - Ok so I have been a mage since vanilla been through the ups downs high and lows, so to the point.

    I started mop as frost did ok but then was overtaken by fire so switched to fire - and have really enjoyed fire. I now am just in a void at what to do im not

    overly geared as we are in a casual progression guild, with our guild not starting to raid late into mop so we only up to Unsup in HOF normal 10man so my gear is a mix of 489 and the 4 set LFR. Anyway my guild demands the best in terms of damage etc and are critical all the time so hate to fail trialing new spec out so asking for some big advice from the greater mage community.

    Post nerf I am torn my numbers are good to ok due to the increase in RNG ( I was freaked reading here that I was totally useless as fire but seemed ok not so bad this week basically on par with everyone else and topping a couple. So obviously I want to maximise which mean trialing frost and arcane so all these forums and blizz forums are saying. ( I am nervious as I have garalon, wind and working on unsup this week all fights not bad for fire with the cleave. but will frost and arcane do better ( I need to try it and see ).

    I feel a full change to just arcane is to much in terms on loosing the ae aspect of frost ( i mean barrage cleave is nice but some saying dont cleave scorsh and weave etc and for a fights like windlord really frost orb and lance seem so strong compared. So I am seeing alot of people go for a frost/ arcane build that is set up as frost with haste etc and swap it to arcane for set single target fights

    if I was going this way can someone else who does this tell me what fights you are what spec and would get the best result. I am ok player not ranked but am solid enough to do the right thing so if someone can help and suggest would be good - also the use of ROP and innvocation ( my thoughts are fights like Will of emp and spirit kings etc invocation would be needed so much movement ( am I wrong ) so here is small table on how I am thinking the spec and lvl 90 talent should run but would like the opinions of some of you very skilled players - Slam me if I am wrong on what spec would be better for those arc frosty out there

    So here my thoughts tell me if wrong or right

    Stone guard - (frost ) With Invocation on heroic
    Feng - Arcane with ROP
    Gaj - Frost ( for burning adds down below) with ROP
    Spirit Kings - Arc ( Invocation for all moving ) or should you ROP seem like cast it so much
    Elegon - Arc with ROP
    Will - ( this one unsure frost to help adds or arc need help on that one ) and would you go Innvocation for all movement


    Imperial Vizier Zor'lok - ( Arcane ) and ROP
    Blade Lord Ta'yak -( Arcane or is frost better ) and ROP
    Garalon ( This is one I dont know frost seems nice wiith orb but I believe lance wont cleave to legs so arc to straight burn also ROP or Invo)
    Wind Lord - I assuming frost with invo ( thinking how much you move to wind traps and to break peeps from traps and drop puddles
    Unsup - I was thinking frost for the cleaving to adds with lane and orb or arcane straight burn all with ROP
    Emp - I assuming frost for the adds phase or better with arcane for straight burning

    I am sorry long post long question but I really out to see people approach and advise and really I am sure others would like to know what others thik even people starting out.

    Lastly are there fire players out there that have done HOF Garalon , wind and Unsup and still happy think way to stay ?? If your thinking fore is still good feel free and tell us just want some good advice like the post below asking similar-

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    By default I play Arcane with RoP, besides in these situations:

    Elegon HC - Use Incanter's Ward instead due to visual issues with RoP; but RoP is optimal
    Gara'lon - I kite so take IW just so I can maintain decent amounts of damage whilst kiting; if not kiting RoP optimal

    Arcane is currently the highest single target spec on patchwerk-style fights in the game; and contrary to popular belief provided you manage everything properly it's decent on movement fights also.

    I played Frost for Wind Lord Mel'jarak on our kill this reset but am going to be trying Arcane out with RoP next reset as I think it'll pull comparable numbers; yes there are times where you'll have to move but it'll benefit you greatly in P2. Yes, wind bombs may land on you but that's RNG; if you get bad RNG there's not a lot you can do about it.

    Also, the problem with Invocation (for me) is that, when playing Arcane it doesn't allow you to use what has become the optimal rotation and the passive mana regen just isn't there to abuse. Whilst it's still possible to get decent dps using Invocation, I personally dislike the playstyle that it tunnels you into.
    When using Incanter's Ward, do not soley think about the damage buff; this is where most people get caught up and play Arcane badly as a result. You passively gain 6% damage bonus and 65% extra mana regen, however these are both disabled while the spell is on CD (25 seconds), and instead you get a flat 30% damage buff but are back to normal mana regen. Yes, it's important to maximise the damage buff but doing so often leaves you spamming Scorch a lot unless you have a mana gem ready or AM procs a lot; so personally I prioritise 6-stack camping and it's been working decently for me so far.
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