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    Stats - Combining Arcane and Fire

    So, with the rescent fire nerf, I have been testing Arcane and Frost. Eventhough I have only raidet one night since the nerf (PC problems) I seem to do pretty good as Arcane on somewhat static fights. However, movement is brutal and I have been going Frost for these fights.

    But to be honest I suck big time at Frost. I think it is an combination of me loathing the spec because of the pet and the rotation is just not my style.

    So my conclusion is going Arcane/Fire. However, I simple don´t have two gear sets yet to swap back and forth, and I don´t have the gold to reforge/regem 3-4 times a night.

    With the difference in statweights for the two specs is it even possible to combine it into one gear set without loosing to much DPS?

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    Not really possible.

    Fire: Hit > Haste to a breakpoint > Crit (with full crit gems and reforging) > Haste > Mastery
    Arcane: Hit > Haste to a breakpoint > Haste/Mastery (with full EITHER haste OR mastery gems and reforging) > Mastery/Haste (the one you didn't choose before) > Crit

    Basically the only two things in common are reaching the Hit cap and getting to a haste breakpoint which you get through gear without any specific gemming or reforging. It's also highly inefficient to have full crit gear and then reforge it when you want to switch to Arcane.

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    At least in Cata, it was a much lower dps loss doing Arcane in Crit gear, than doing Fire in Mastery gear. Even now, I believe Crit is more beneficial to Arcane than Mastery is to Fire. Going full Haste wouldn't affect Arcane, but might be better for Fire than Crit is for Arcane.
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    Thank you for the answer.

    It was pretty much as I thought. Though I was hoping someone could work some magic.

    I guess I just have to go allout fire, until I can put together a Arcane set.

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    You will still do more dps as Arcane in full fire gear/reforges/gems on fights that it favours (elegon for example) than you will as perfectly optimised fire, just as a point of reference.

    I'm currently running as ms fire still, but switching arcane on fights that call for it, but doing so in my fire gear.
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