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    new player, server transfer question

    I just got this game with the intention of playing with a group of people on a specific server. I tried to pick it, but the game restart and now it says that server is full, along with just about every other American server. Can I pick a different server but then still join their guild? And I've seen that server transfers were free initially but now limited to once per week, is this still the case? Right now I'd like to start playing but check back during a non-peak time and get onto the right server. I've been trying to Google an answer but not sure how up to date the info I found is, so any help would be appreciated, thanks.
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    You can still join their guild, guilds are cross-server. You might just have to wait until you can transfer to their server again. Was the server full or something when you tried to make a character? I think your post was missing some words....

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    Yeah, meant to say the server is full.

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    Then yeah, pick another server for now, join the guild and just do a world transfer when it's not as busy, usually the Full restriction is removed during off-peak times.

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