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    Shadow Priest - Questing rotation

    I just dusted my lvl 85 priest o and its been quite some time since i played a shadow priest.
    Currently I dont know which playstyle to use ....dots (sw, vt,mf) or just pure casts(ms,ms,mb,..rinse repeat)
    Which is better for questing ? ...dot playstyle or cast playstyle and which you guys preferred when you leveled ?

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    If you arrive in Jade Forest in your DS gear you gotta remember the content is tuned for a fresh level 85 who has questing gear from Twilight Highlands. So you'll outgear the zone (heck, you can keep your DS HC gear till level 88). What this means for you, even if you'd have "only" T11 normal gear, stuff will die quickly. This means MS MS MB with optional SWD and DP or big pulls + MSr. The talent system is a lot of fun to play around and experiment with even at level 85 while questing. Twist of Faith is great when chain pulling, MB for tanking + MSr on it. If you find yourself going OOM in big pulls you can apply a few VTs. Also remember SWP does instant damage now (immediately tag) but even then stuff will die so quickly, it isn't worth it. Better tag with instant MB (from MS) or MF, or big ones with MSr. I mentioned MB. FDCL wouldn't proc much due to lack of VTs up. If you really wanna play with your DoTs, try some rares
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    there is no rotation. push only the buttons that blinks thats all. DP>MB on cd>MF>dots. and push DP if its blink and push mind spike if it also blink. they made us so simple u cant do anything wrong.

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    Everyone has their own way of questing. If you run with glyph of dark binding, it makes it very easy to spot heal yourself. I would suggest taking void tendrils. They are great and aren't broken by your damage to the target, allowing you to dps at range. They make a good cycle with Psychic Scream, as they typically come off CD right after one another if you happen to get in a bind. Using fade onto your 1 min Mindbender is also nice, and don't forget about dispersion. With the buff to Mind Sear, I would imagine making larger pulls is even easier now. There are a lot of mobs in the later zones that have stuns and interrupts, so just keep that in mind. Larger pulls will depend on your comfort zone. I really enjoyed leveling my spriest with all the survivability we have. Experiment and have fun!

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    also, i found TOF + FDCL to be more useful than the alternatives for questing mostly b/c they improved your emergency healing the most. dont be afraid to psychic scream and voidtendril so you can run away and flash heal yourself!

    other than that it was mostly pull with either mindblast (if 2 or fewer orbs) or VT (if at 3 orbs) and SW:P/devouring plague asap. i usually pulled 3-4 mobs at a time, because SWeathing for extra orbs was so strong and mindflay is so weak. plus, it would let you have multiple VT's up for mindspike funtimes!
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    When I ran around in pretty rubbish gear on my priest I just multidotted everything without stopping. Just remember to shield yourself and such, and use your procs (from darkness comes light, divine insight)

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    It's usually PW:S, use VT, SWP to gather, cascade/divine star (I prefer over halo when doing dailies), void tendrils, then nuke (flashy buttons!)

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    Void Tendrils best tank EU.
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    Quote Originally Posted by veiledy0 View Post
    Void Tendrils best tank EU.
    For low-mid HP mobs I also personally opt to Mind Sear the Tendrils so as to not break the channel if the target dies.
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