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    Recently built pc but monitor keeps repeating going to sleep help

    Hi all i have recently decided to build a pc myself and got lot of parts from the internet free from a few helpful people so i built a pc but the only problem i now have is when that i try to turn it on the monitor always says GOING TO SLEEP.
    i guess i have done something wrong but cant tell what i have tried 4 different graphics cards so i guess it cant be that as one would work so im thinking ive either done the cables wrong inside the unit or power supply maybe.

    if anyone could help it would be very greatful as im new to all this building pc's

    thankyou tom

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    It sounds like you just didn't plug in the cables from your monitor to your computer properly. When you plug them in, try using the ports on the graphic card first, and if that doesn't work, the motherboard itself.

    I had the same issue before and it turned out to be that I just didn't tighten them enough.

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    yes i tried doing that several times i have two graphics cards fixed into it right now and ive tried conecting using all of them and using the onboard graphics card and each time it comes up the same.
    I also have two vga cables which i know work as i have used them on my laptop into the tv so it cant be that

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    take out one of the video cards to start with, and try that way.
    If you got all of the parts free, from people on the internet it might be a motherboard with defect PCI ports,
    and if you insert a graphics card, the intergrated video output on the motherboard wont work, plug em right into the graphics card.

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    Right i have tried that with no luck at all still coming up the same would it be worth me trying another motherboard at all ? as i have 3 that i was given

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    do you know the people who sent you the motherboards or just randoms on the internet?
    and what kind of graphic cards and motherboards is it?

    If its random parts from random people on the internet, then i would guess some would think it funny sending broken components.

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    No i got them from freecycle so i went to pick them up myself

    the graphics cards i have are ATI RADEON VE, ASUS and some other random cards which look older

    the motherboards i have are ASROCK ATA133, GIGABYTE GA-8SIMLNF and the last one is unknown to me all i know it is a socket 472 it doesnt have a name anywhere on it

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    they seem to be pretty old components, and i dunno how well they go together, might not be compatible. when i googled em i got results back to 2001 on one of them and 2006 on something else.

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    yes i knew they were older parts was just hoping to get it working to use as a mess about pc really nothing to special and to give me some practice building one

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