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    Quick question regarding SSDs

    Hello guys!

    Quick question: Which one and why?

    1) Samsung SSD 830 128 GB
    2) Samsung SSD 840 120 GB
    3) OCZ Vertex 4 128 GB
    4) Crucial M4 128 GB ?

    Leaning towards #1

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    The 830 is great, the 840 is faster in benchmarks (though it's unlikely you'd notice the difference) and had some issues with pre-release firmware which they fixed, I'm still avoiding OCZ for now due to the extremely high RMA rates on their older drives and I've nothing to say about Crucial.

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    I'd say either the Crucial M4 or the Samsung 830. I'd recommend the 830 since it's a bit faster.
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    Stay away from OCZ.

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    I have myself 2 Vertex 4's and both are great. I put one in my friends computer and its done great so far as well put a M4 in my wife's computer and its doing good as well it's about 1-2 secs slower the the Vertex 4 but its done its job so far.

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    Alright! Thanks for the asnwers!

    Any more opinions? Still 830 sounds better than the rest

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    Unless you are talking about 840 Pro, it would be between 1 and 3. And I'd pick 3, as I have 4 of them.

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    m4 and 830 are about on par as far as performance goes and are certainly the two front runners in the SSD market today. 840 is a downgrade from the 830 (as far as I know)... the 840 Pro, however, is a step up but probably not worth the price that it demands.

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    While I do agree with the consensus (830 or m4), I've been using the OCZ Vertex 3 since November of 2011 and I've not had any problems. Also recently picked up the Vertex 4 and it's been great thus far.

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    The new OCZ Vector might prove interesting as well. It offers great performance but it's to soon to say if there will be any problems with it. The 5 year warranty is quite nice as well.

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