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    Brawler's guild Rank #7

    So i have made it to Rank 7 of the guild last night, but im stuck on the first fight of Rank 7 now. They just hit too damn hard. Also they're healthpool is somewhat huge.

    Any tips on beating this encounter as Elemental?

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    there is already some thread in Shaman's forum regarding Brawler's guild.

    tips for gg:
    - stand close to the Bo guy, as the rockets from max will hit (and damage!) him
    - pop CDs at the start (Hero/BL, Brawlers Pot, Elemental, Asc ...)
    - run under shields and heal yourself until blue fog appears (grounding totem also helps a lot)
    - go on following bo

    you will still need to do some decent damage but you should be fine this way
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    i have cleared 4/4 rank 8 and this is the ONLY fight i actually did as resto. the strategy for doing this in a healing spec is to hit both of them with the rocket barrage as much as possible. being resto allows you to soak way more damage. the enrage will still be tight.

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