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    In need of a Kael'thas solo tactic

    So i recently lvled my mage to 90 for pvping.

    I've been doing solo runs on my monk since the start of MoP and Kael'thas is no problem since monks can pick up the legendary staff to stay out of cc's, and with my brewmaster spec there is no surviving issue.

    The problem is that i don't see how a mage can do this survival wise. Glyph of evocation is one thing i presume and the shields help, but i'm wondering if this is enough

    In other words: I need a tactic to be able to solo Kael'thas on a mage, don't think i need to explain why i want to kill him as much as possible ( couldn't find a good one on youtube and googling didn't help so i'm turning here )

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    I solo him on my mage by using RoP and Cauterize.
    Just iceblock when cauterize procs, keep barrier on cd and pop images when he shields himself.

    If you are frost remember to dismiss your pet when Kael comes or you might get mc'd, resetting him

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    I usually do this as fire, its fairly easy. For the adds I just zerg them down, very easy with the staff to stop stuns/disorientate etc. I usually load one with dots and get them close together, pop combustion and spread it, it usually hits most of them.

    As for KT, I just plant my feet, pop timewarp and go to town on him, do not pop mirror images, as you will end up MC'd and he will reset, use MI on the adds at the start if you want to use them. I usually roll with Incanter's Ward for the extra absorb, even though its pants. If you get low just use evocate with the gylph, but he goes to phase two after 15-20 seconds so you probably wont need it. You really can just stand there and nuke the crap outta him, if it gets to the point of him casting pyro (aint seen this since we hit lvl 90, mainly due to the dps increase) and you cannot eat his shield to silence it, pop AT before it hits and you will pop back to full (ish)health and then CS it once the shield is down, but I really doubt he will get far enough on to cast it.

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    Just bring melee ads to the ends of the room in P1. You'll have plenty of time to nuke the mage and hunter. Use invocation for multiple heals if needed...

    I'll make you a vid next Wednesday if you're still strugging, just pm me if you haven't managed by then.
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    I went in to try him the other day, was surprisingly very easy. Didn't do anything special just stood there and nuked. I ran with invocation picked up the staff and used it, kept it on for simplicity. Went down very easy. Lots of breaks in-between nukes to get health back up.

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    You just need ice barrier and RoP with the Evocation glyph is more than enough. Any spec is fine. I've pulled the entire room of adds in Kael's room with no problems of dropping too much health.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shippai View Post
    If you are frost remember to dismiss your pet when Kael comes or you might get mc'd, resetting him
    It's a guarantee they will. He resets even if a "trinket pet" is up as it means that there's now a secondary valid target that you could attack when MC'ed. This is one reason to not use the Ghost Iron Dragonling trinket, and if you use a brewfest one, pop it when it's all 4 advisers at once (or not at all, your choice).

    Right, as for the tactic, i do this as a protection paladin, but Mages have a significantly easier time due to them being ranged AND having images. I make up for this disadvantage with self-healing, but that's besides the point. This might be borderline game-legal, but i've read it's quite a common tactic for soloing.

    First, you want to clear A'lar's room including A'lar himself. Clear all the trash from the door to Kael basically as you're going to need the space. On the pull, you have until the end of the first part of his speech before the doors seal shut. It's important that you're out of the room before this happens. The first add moves slowly, but does an AoE silence and knockback if you get close. He's easy to kite. You want to ideally drop this guy right on the outside of the door to Kael's room as despite being the easiest of the 4 (for most classes), he moves the slowest and so not having to deal with him for a long time is advantageous.

    The second add does a large-range AoE fear. He runs fast, and getting away from him can be difficult. You want to drop him on the same spot as you dropped the first adviser. Since he runs fast and the first moves slow, they'll reach you at different times.

    Now, the third adviser is pretty much ranged-only. If you get close, she does an AoE knockback. The worst part of this add is she does a ranged AoE conflag that lasts for 10 seconds. This can not be avoided from my testing, so she needs to be burned fast. Ideally, you want to drop this add right at the entrance to TK. There's a reason for this, and that would be the 4th add.

    The 4th and final add puts a debuff on you that periodically stuns for 4 seconds. This debuff lasts 60 seconds, and it WILL be reapplied if it runs out and the add is still alive. You want to kill this guy somewhere in A'lar's room, but close to Kael's room than to the entrance side. Dropping him here sets you up perfectly for the next phase.

    So, you kill the adds one by one and drop and now you're facing the weapons. There's 7 in total, and though there's not much order, it's imperative that you kill Cosmic Infuser, the mace, first. It does AoE and single target heals on Kael, the advisers and other weapons if left alive. The other weapons are relatively free for all on the order, but i'd recommend you leave the shield until last due to it generally being tougher than the others (not in damage, but in how much damage it can take before dying). One thing you want to do is make sure you move towards the entrance of the instance with them. Remember, you dropped an add back there, and that's the one we want to kill first.

    The weapons are dead. Now you face all 4 advisers at once. This is where it get's real tricky if you're not careful. The first thing you're doing is killing the add by the door (Grand Astromancer Capernian, or Capernyancat if you prefer). She needs to be burned. She shouldn't be difficult for a DPS spec, but just be careful. Go all-out on her, pop mage-lust if you must (but try to use it AFTER the first conflag, assuming she hits you with one -- you might even want to ice block out of it to be able to set it up).

    She should be dead or almost dead by the time the next add (Master Engineer Telonicus, or Telly-knickers) reaches you. Remember the stun? Yeah, stun + conflag is NOT a nice combo, and you're often chained into it. This is why it's important you burst the first 2 adds down. If you manage to down the first 2 adds without using Iceblock and you've got the stun debuff on you, you can either pop it now, or you can save it for the Kael phases and just blink out of the stuns for now (assuming that works). The last 2 adds are easy enough, just the AoE fear might hurt a little, but it's not too bad. Burst the fast moving add (Lord Sanguinar, or... how do i put this... Lord Consumablar). The last add, the slow moving one (Thaladred the Darkener, or just Harkener, so-called because of his silence ability) is easy enough.

    Next phases are Kael. This phase shouldn't be too difficult as long as you switch to phoenix's when they spawn, eggs when a phoenix dies, and Kael the rest of the time. You want to keep any magic-reduction shield up. You'll need to burn the shield off of Kael, and then interrupt the Pyro. The shield absorbs 80K damage or so and he can't be interrupted while that's up. If you don't interrupt, enjoy the 50K pyro to the face, and another one after until you do interrupt. These last phases are just about burning really, and are amongst the easiest of all the phases.

    Just don't EVER pop mirror images or pets or trinkets which summon mobs on the Kael phases as you will get MC'ed and reset the fight.

    You may want to grab the staff you killed to avoid the CC's from the adds if you're struggling after a few attempts. I'm quite confident you won't need it though if you focus the DPS. The stats you lose from switching to it might be too great, but as it's a long fight anyway, this might not be such a major issue.

    Of course, my tactic is good if you find killing them all in the room too difficult. It's quite effective, but if you can manage it within the room, even better.

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    You can brute force pretty much everything. I equip the staff just to be on the safe side so I can ignore remote toy and the disorients. When fighting kael, I time warp and burn him down to 50% with no trouble. I actually do pop mirrors, since that was my strat at 85, and just ice block when I get MC'd.

    Ring of frost the weapons for easymode.

    Spec into invocation if you're really having trouble.

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    I've killed him with every spec and it's really easy.

    First you drag the warrior guy as far into one of the corners in the back of the room as possible.
    Do the same with the paladin but in the opposite corner.
    Kill the engineer and the mage (doesn't really matter where you kill 'em).

    Now you get all four at the same time.
    Start by killing the mage and the engineer.
    Kill the paladin as the warrior shouldn't have reached you yet (he walks really slow).
    Kill the warrior.

    Weapon phase.
    Use mirror image and cleave all the weapons down.
    pick up the staff and cast the buff.

    Last phase.
    Just kill him !Important! Don't use mirror image during the last phase because he might end up casting MC on you if you do, had to learn that the hard way : /
    Pop BL if you like, shouldn't be a hard kill if you use invocation with the glyph and the frost shield.

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