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    PVP Healers, strengths and weaknesses


    what are the strengths and the weaknesses of your class?And how you feel about the other healers?
    Im resto shaman, so i start how i feel about my class in arenas:
    (im not going to mention evey single ability which is somehow cool, just the things that i feel makes me different from other healers)

    - spirit link
    - capacitator totem, you can stun many enemies at once
    - mobility as ghostwolf
    - spiritwalkers grace (especially with 4 set, 5 sec immune to interrupt silence when activated)

    - Totem nerf (eg. for healing tide)
    - ascendance (maybe im just bad, but mostly when i use it as emergency ppl just shut me down, like when popped as ele)
    - only 1 cast for cc (hex) with 45 sec cd and the frog can move free

    Maybe i forgot some important things, maybe i mentioned some things that arent true. Feel free to comment.

    To play against most annoying healers for me are Rdruid (sick cc and sick kiting) and Monks (i just dont understand the class yet..the teleport is just hell annoying)

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    Ill give you my thoughts one my monk healer, though I am not 100% experienced with it yet(But like is anyone?:P)
    - I feel pretty strong against melee, I keep them on their toes
    - Teleport is awesome
    - Many people do not know how we work so it cause people to not create a strategy or just to go on other people in you group
    - This is somewhat part of the pro above it but stupid people try to kill my statue and I just resummon after they kill it. It's hilarious
    - We can put out an okayish about of damage while healing
    - Unlike other classes you can not stop us from getting mana( like you could kill a shamans totem, dispell/cyclone a druid)
    - Most of abilities are melee so we are weak against casters
    - Our survivability is weak in rbgs if we get focused
    - Our cc is really weak and easy to break
    - Utility is far less then most classes
    - Burst healing can take a quite bit od mana
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    Switched to a resto druid this expansion, and here's my take on them.

    • Cyclone is a really strong CC; can cut a lot of momentum from the other team
    • If anyone can kite, it's a resto druid
    • Periodic healing makes sitting CCs easier
    • Ironbark is only a 30sec cooldown and usable through silences--very high availability for an external cooldown
    • Feels like it has better mana efficiency than shaman, though not as good as paladins
    • Can shapeshift to immune polymorph, hex, and repentance
    • Can sometimes escape poorly timed CCs with displacer beast
    • The only healer that can rival HotW's damage is maybe a paladin with glyph of harsh words--very strong for 2v2

    • Feels like I have lower throughput than a shaman or paladin
    • Very vulnerable to being tunneled
    • Fairly minimal defenses; relies on a frost mage for ice block
    • Poor at healing split damage outside of tree form
    • Though better off than any other healer, still weak at avoiding CC compared to a shaman
    • Lifebloom's bloom is too weak to counter dispels; it just somewhat mitigates their effects
    • Nature's Vigil (healing cooldown) can break CCs because it does pointless splash damage

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