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    50k gold/day NO AUCTION HOUSE


    This is no rocket science. I bet most of you know this little farm spot in Deepholm.
    I tryed to maximize my grind output and after 24 hours with 22k Gold looted,
    13k Gold from vendoring greys and greens, 46970 Embersilk Cloth, 71 Truegold
    and tons of other stuff like Elementium Ores, Volatiles and Recipes, I decided
    to sell everything to the vendor. If you sell all of these in auction house, you could
    make easily arround 150k - 200k Gold.

    Happy Christmas Time!

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    Requires owning a guild if you want to maximize gains.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Umchilli View Post
    Requires owning a guild if you want to maximize gains.
    A mere extra 10%.

    While I can see putting in an hour each day in this place, a full 24 hours? That also needs a number of treasure pots.

    Also, Im pretty sure ppl been using this since sometime in cata.
    Anyone ever notice how the sun seems to shine silverish now? Didn't it used to shine goldish? PM me if you've noticed this.
    Quote Originally Posted by Moounter View Post
    I think your problem is a lack of intellect.

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    Please post videos in the video mega-thread:


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