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    Stash of Harmonies: Should I level Alchemy or Inscription?

    So, I have got a stash of harmonies on an alt with the -quite useless- skinning.

    As there are tons of bots farming leather and scales 24/7, skinning is quite useless as a prof so I want to drop it. I have accumulated a stash of harmonies since launch, and I was wondering which of the two profs above would make me more money out of the stash.

    Thanks in advance.
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    No clue about your server but on mine Living Steel is worthless and while the DMF trinkets don't sell for much it still returns a slight profit. So I'd have to go with Inscription.

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    Out of the options, Inscription. Living Steel prices have plummeted to near-worthlessness, while yeah, DMF cards are pretty good money makers still.

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    Inscription gets one bonus scroll for every 5 harmonies and you can only trade it in once a week. It takes one scroll to make a darkmoon card and scrolls have a day cd otherwise. Unless living steel is completly worthless on your server go for alchemy.

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    350g average for a living steel bar, 350g to 3,500 g PER Darkmoon CARD, not deck.

    500g average for a meta.

    Inscription wins imo.

    Edit: Looks like there are lots and lots of mining bots.
    Veteran vanilla player - I was 31 back in 2005 when I started playing WoW - Nostalrius raider with a top raid guild.

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    our server living steel has jumped back up this past 2 weeks. Up around 550g now.
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    Insciption uses spirits mostly for the purposes of making staffs, offhands and BOA epic staffs, of which you cant sell BOA's. The offhands sell well but you are not going to sell 10 offhands at once and expect them to move.

    If you are looking to turn spirits into items to sell go alchemy. If you are looking for a profession that can generate profits once you run out of spirits then go insciption. Alchemy tends to require either spirits or lotus for anything worth selling.

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