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    Wintergrasp needs to award more honor

    The 5.1 WG/TB patch was really great, and participation seems to have increased greatly.

    But there are significantly less players in WG compared to TB;

    for example in my realm we usually have 40~60 players on each side in TB, but in WG it rarely goes up 20 and 30 seems to be the maximum.

    The current ranking system in WG is too de-incentivising for players to attend- you need to hit corporal to get full honor point, sergeants get really little(can't remember how much) and privates get "zero".

    I believe that low ranks are bit too much penalized, and I suggest something like this-

    Privates - 50% honor
    Sergeants - 100% honor
    Corporals - 200% honor

    In this way new-coming players will be more eager to attend, and it would compensate for less honor from player kills compared to mass zerg style TB which gives more.

    Also, please fix the goddamn east tower bug

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    WG just needs to work in general, never mind give more Honor.

    The last 3 WG's I bothered to sign up for had next to no people in (Anachronos-EU) and after spending 30 minutes trying to destroy towers, as I'd get one hit off before my vehicle would be destroyed and I've have to rank up again, I'd not even get the win quest complete.
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