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    Internet access issue

    Hello everyone!

    I recently moved into a new house and i keep having issues with my internet. I use a d-link nano-usb adapter model DWA 131. I've tried resetting and unplugging the router, i tried disconnecting from the net and reconnecting and un-install then re-install the d-link software.
    The internet-connection window says that i am "currently connected to *nameofnetwork* No internet acccess".
    Anyone have any idea on what i can do to fix this? The weird thing is that the internet works on my laptop but not on my desktop.

    Thanks in advance.

    EDIT: using windows 7 64bit

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    You should be using an internal wireless adapter with an external antenna for best performance.
    Or better yet now that you own a house wire it up for cat6 assuming the room isn't on a 2nd story or that your basement don't have a drywall ceiling.

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