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    Digital Game Deals

    I'm sorry if there's already a topic about game deals, I couldn't find it!
    Do you know any sites with game deals/slaes/bargains?

    I know steamsales.com and gamemafia.pro? Any other? I know there's a topic on reddit about game deals, I cannot find it :P


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    Gog.com? They sell classics mostly, they have a lot of good sales and are DRM free.
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    Good Ole Games sale on Origin games like Ultima, Wing Commander. Very good deals!

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    And what you guys think about kinguin.net ? Any of you tried it already? I'm little bit scared
    Well, they have good reviews on facebook. I do not know...

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    Let's get this topic going (those are not referral links or anything)

    Postal 2 5,49€

    Far Cry 3 (not steam, uPlay) €19.99

    Mount & Blade Collection €17.48

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    My site for things of that sort, the reddit post seems interesting as well.

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    Torchlight II for only €9.48

    Chivalry: Medieval Warfare €13.07

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    Made a new sticky designated for sales postings.

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