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    FPS when I was younger and got angered easily.
    I remember throwing a controller against a wall and screaming over some guy camping in a corner when I was like 15.
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    Tekken 2 is the only game to this day that I've willfully broken a controller over, was single player too so can't imagine what drove me so mental :/ anyway Kazuya owes me an old PSX pad.

    Wow has broken the right button of two mice over long term misuse, and all the multimedia buttons on my keyboard are melted from hovering my smoking hand over the F1-F4 keys throughout my time in Eve.

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    Dragonball Z Budokai 3 for the PS2, the best way to go against someone when energy clashed was not to rotate the joysticks but to smash them back and forth... broke a controller on accident haha

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    Jak 2 did it for me.Last boss for me consisted of JUMP SPINKICK SHOOT JUMP SPINKICK SHOOT JUMP SPINKICK SHOOT JUMP SPINKICK SHOOT JUMP SPINKICK SHOOT JUMP SPINKICK SHOOT.X and square button never worked the same way after that

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    Super Mario 64. In the last battle with Bowser, you pick him up by the tail and twirl him around in circles, throwing him onto some bombs around the arena. To spin him around you...spin around the analog stick. Aggressively. It's mid combat! I lost a few controllers to that.

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    shadow the hedgehog had some of the WORST camera angles and controls i have ever seen.
    mario party 1 destroyed my controller and gave me blisters. (had to get a new one. gg nintendo)
    can't think of any others offhand.

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