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    Support trouble with SWTOR

    I recently got preferred status by buying some cartel coins and using them to get a crew skill slot, so that I have three, but I can't learn more than two skills in game. I've tried submitting tickets in-game and online, 4 so far, but I haven't gotten any responses to my actual issue. The first one said that I couldn't go past level 15 without a confirmed account, I was level 17 when I submitted the first ticket. The three after that said that character and item restorations couldn't be given to non-subscribers. Does anyone have any advice on how to actually get a response from support?
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    From your story and others like yours, it really seems like you aren't going to find any help.

    They are shooting themselves in the foot and setting them up for potential lawsuits/consumer complaints to get their money refunded for faulty services. You are doing the only method you have and getting a lot of incorrect information back from them.

    There's not much you can do but keep trying until it's too much for you.

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    Good luck with fixing that. I love this game but their support for it is the worst I have ever seen for any product I have ever owned. I remember when 1.5 dropped and I was having a problem with my subscription that basically prevented me from posting on the official forums. Two to three days with more that 4+ hour hold times my problem was not resolved until a week later when a rep finally got on the phone and gave me a ticket number. I had no idea it was fixed until I found I could simply post again.

    There is another problem regarding the crit proc's of the new dread guard relics (see here) which is affecting quite a few members of the community and that problem is proceeding at a snails pace.

    My advice is try to be patient but be persistent as well.
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    The email validation thing is screwing up my friends account too.

    It's really dumb he's tried it several times and it seems clear its a problem on thier end since he is getting the emails it's just not working when it directs him back to the site.

    Through the official site he has put in complaints but they just sent a generic email back to him fixing or explaining nothing.

    Bioware has shitty service and don't ever seem to know what they are doing.

    There are still several issues I ticketed almost a year ago (I.e. 2 Rishas on my ship) that they still have done nothing about.
    they care even less about F2P and preferred players since they can't do tickets in game.

    Also 2 of my friends bought physical copies of the game and they are not getting preferred status perks.

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    Huh. I'll try calling them I guess. But from this stuff it seems like I'm unlikely to get help from bioware.
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    Yesterday I got the dreaded " my e-mail address had been changed" e-mail for both Origin and SWTOR. I decided to tackle SWTOR first and their help site was down but it had an e-mail address so I sent it off. As I was waiting I contacted EA. It took a bit but I got Origin to be fixed without too much trouble and it appears he fixed it for SWTOR as well. It wasn't until this morning that I heard back from Bioware and all they said was contact another department.

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