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    Resto - Incarnation

    Hello I have recently changed main to a resto druid and my question is simple. How do I maximize the use of Incarnation cd in a 10 man raid? Is it good to stack Lifebloom too more then 1-2 stacks on all the people in the raid or spam rejuvenation on people. I use WG on cd during Incarnation. I also have the first break point.

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    I preemptively use incarnation when I know high damage will be coming out. I blanket everyone with 1 lifebloom and get tonnes of clearcasting proccs to use on regrowth when said high damage goes out.

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    Tree of Life is a very flexible CD.

    You can use it to save mana by doing what Duckgirl suggested, and depending on CC procs, you can also get some good healing done.

    You can use it for it's +healing, pop and do what you'd normally do.

    Combine it with Tranquility if you need that much healing.

    And an extra nifty trick for Heart of Fear bosses is to pop Tree of Life just before a big ability goes out, like Blade Lord's Unseen Strike / Garalon's Crush / Zorlok Force and Verve / Shek'zeer explosions and so on. The extra armor puts me at 45% physical damage reduction, and then I can use the +healing to get people back up to full.

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    There are 2 (in my opinion) main times I prefer to use my tree of life. The first is if I know there will be very large, or very spiky damage. In this case, I will spam regrowth like there's no tomorrow (very costly with mana though).
    The other, preferred option, is when there is constant but not instantly life threatening damage everywhere. In this instance I would blanket anything that moves with lifebloom and WG on CD. You will get alot of clearcasting procs to cover anyone that needs a good old heal.

    For blade lord, when learning this fight especially, I would symbiosis on a shaman. Then at the last phase, when everyone is running around tornados taking constant damage, I would pop super running tree tranq, and most people would be on 100% by the time we reached the other side.

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    1. continue to use WG and SM on cd.
    2. pop it 6-10 seconds before a big ability.
    3. put 1 stack of LB on as many people as poss.
    4. maintain 3 stacks on the tank. putting 3 stacks on the other tank is also viable.
    5. use the clearcasting procs for regrowths.
    6. i know of no situation in current tier raiding where coupling it with tranq is a good idea.

    incarnation lets you put out decent healing for little mana and really should be viewed as both a mana cd and a healing cd.
    for many if not most fights in this tier as long as you have enough spirit Soul of the Forest is a better talent than incarnation for healing 10 mans especially once you have the 4 set bonus.

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    As mentioned above there are 2 ways to use ToL, and the key to getting the most out of it is knowing which style works best for which encounter (sometimes even switching styles during the duration)

    Spreading out Lifebloom, using CC procs on RG and casting SM and WG is a good way to get a solid amount of throughput and still conserve mana.

    Popping ToL and spamming Rejuv, WG, SM, RG is more mana costly, but bigger healing throughput. Good for say Windlord phase 2 when rain of blades is up and tranq is down and either no other healing CD is ready, or help is needed during a weaker CD

    Experience is the best way to learn and get used to it.

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    1. Wait for WG to be off cd
    2. Pop Incarnation
    3. WG
    4. Regrowth if OOC, otherwise Rejuv
    5. Swiftmend
    6. LB people
    7. Spend OCC on Regrowth, otherwise keep spreading LB, using WG and Swiftmend on CD.
    8. Only spam Regrowth w/o OOC procs if the raid needs it
    9. If you have to chain your heals, try to wait until the last second to use Tranquility.

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