SMELLY, which stands for ‘Society of Meaningless, Evil, Larceny, Lying and Yelling’ is trying to do things our way. No boring elitism, play at your own pace and just have fun. (That does not mean that you can play as a complete nutter, standing in fires all day long while screaming on teamspeak how big your pencil is.)

Just to clarify: this is not meant for noobs to join and beg for money. This is not meant to be the casual guild that whines about everything in the game (Jesus, just deal with it). We are here because we enjoy the game and we like to discover it.

We're currently not looking specifically for certain players, so all roles are open for recruitment.

We will do guild activities throughout the week and we will do raids later on. The times will be chosen by looking at when the majority of the guild is available.We play as a team, but this team is formed by individuals. I don’t like rules, so consider this as guidelines (that might get you kicked :3) The first one to succesfully join is offered a romantic evening. With me.

• We like to play the game, enjoy it and try to achieve things but do not take the game itself too serious. (Seriously…) However, this doesn't mean that you can do anything you want and play worse than your grandmother.
• We don’t want elitism. “QQ, we are the best guild in the world” Well, then suck my fat pencil.
• Wether people like or hate us isn’t our problem.
• Have a thick skin and a good sense of humour. Accept criticism and learn it to become a better player. If you're that person that can't laugh with anything, then piss off.
• Don’t even try if you’re annoying, only care for loot or if you only want to show off your skills to everyone else. Also, if you’re playing with us, pay attention. Don’t watch [email protected]#$ while playing games.
• You should have a decent mic and teamspeak.

If you want to join, visit the guild website:

www.smellypie.tk (or http://smelly.freeforums.org/)