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    I like to troll people in rl. so ofc i made a troll - hunter !

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    I always wanted a healing class, and priests were - to me - the purest healer ... so I made one and never looked back!

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    I had tried warrior and druid and rogue but liked the rogue playstyle in lower levels, so rolled that. I should have rolled druid or warrior instead.

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    It's a long standing tradition for me, starting with "shinning force" to make my first toon in any similar game a male human warrior named Tzcy. (i'm female and so are most my other toons). started in BC and went tank at 70 since they were in short supply. have never went back. love my warrior tank.
    at this point i have most classes to max level.. but he will always be my main.

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    I started out with my warrior back in Vanilla and burning crusade. Once Wotlk rolled around, it was roller coaster of swaps between my dk and warrior and this continued through cataclysm. I started out cataclysm with my warrior but ended it with the dk as the dk's tanking at the end of dragon soul heroic was just laughably easy. Now i'm on full time with my death knight and I've barley even logged onto my warrior. I probably wouldn't mind playing my warrior as an alt again, but i absolutely hate leveling and i pushed for a realm first Death knight on Moonrunner US and i feel like its burnt me out of leveling so much that i wont do it again lol. I'm also strictly dps which is nuts cause ive tanked since vanilla, guess some people gotta change! Here's my Death Knight
    Cheers everyone and happy holidays!

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    When I started playing WoW my boyfriend made me a tauren warrior, and he made himself a tauren hunter. But I was jealous of all his shooting, and that i had to run to the mob seemed so slow. So the next day I made this troll hunter (that is my main now, but night elf these days) and I leveled it up myself, and I've loved it since then. Tho I really sucked at hunter in the beginning, didn't have a pet until i was level 15, hahaha! Just because I wanted that specific Zevhra that I couldn't even tame when I got to that level. HAHAH.

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    Marx, a paladin during vanilla, though i created my paladin during tbc ending to the begining of wrath,

    My first "main" was a shaman, had him from vanillia to cata after that i went to my pally full time

    Started my shaman thanks to ioneye during vanilla after watching a video of his

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    Warlocks were very OP back then, got sick of dying to them, decided to roll one to see how it really was... never changed since.

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    Started with a group of friends, wanted to play a blood elf, and every class except warlock had been picked. Ended up as my main for TBC, Cata and MoP (rerolled belf dk for WotLK and belf hunter for ICC).

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    Dwarf Hunter, cause dwarves are cool and hunter sounds cool I've since made some form of hunter first in every game I could since I just like ranged combat that isn't magic.
    When in doubt, mumble...

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    Had a NE rogue back when i started in vanilla. Later in tbc i made a gnome female rogue that has stuck with me ever since. Stealth is probably one of the main reasons i rolled a rogue to begin with.

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    Healer for me -- always. Looking at squared boxes might not seem like fun, but to me it is. A mini-game while playing a game and avoiding stuff around said grid. Thinking outside the box method. Anyway, I started in EQ as Cleric and moved to WoW at the end of the closed beta with mates. Rolled a priest on Medivh. Re-rolled druid, shelving the priest during BC.

    The reason I re-rolled because of what the druid class brought. Having all roles in one was... interesting to me. What really inspired me to roll my druid was D2 and shape shifting. That's the number one thing I love about it. I've dabbled in other healer specs, but not one comes close to it. Though Mistweaver has and a new main might be in order. However I stuck with my druid and have no plans of switching my main, nor my spec or role. It's simple as this: my druid has everything I want.

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    Purely on whims, I never gave it any real thought.

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    Literally just googled "easiest leveling class" and saw hunter so I picked it. Didn't expect I'd still be playing it 4 years later.

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    Had always wanted to try a Priest out in Vanilla but was too wrapped up in my Paladin. When TBC came out my friends switched to Horde, so I thought it'd be a great chance on a new race and class. Pretty much since then I've been playing my Shadow Priest.

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    Always loved elves, found the high elves of Warcraft and their ludicrous eye-brows fascinating since WC3. TBC rolled around and it was revealed that Thalassian elves would be playable. I was on that like a hungry cat! And then I chose to roll a ret paladin because I had no idea of the stigma surrounding pally DPS at the time and, at the time, they were the only class among blood elves that could run around hitting stuff with a two-hand weapon.

    This pic in the TBC page screenshots sealed the deal for me:

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    My choice to play a mage stems from my pen and paper RPG days. I tended to play a casting class in no matter what game we were playing. That trend stuck with me when I started playing WoW. As for the race I chose (gnome) I liked their buff to engineering (because it sounded fun) and their int gain seemed good for a caster. If I had to do it over again, I would have still chosen a gnome mage.

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    Picked horde since my friend played there.
    Took undead because i thought the will of the forsaken sounded cool.
    Picked warlock, since it sounded like fun. Master of dark arts, strong class and a need for it in the raid my friend played in.
    I came in, in the guild at lvl 42, which was when i started powerleveling up with an entire lvl at day. <.<
    Hit 60, and came pretty much instantly into the raid, since a lock was still needed.
    Had him as main up to Cataclysm, where we had 4 locks in a 10-man raid, so i switched to feral druid. Loved that, but still played my lock a lot :P
    Later on i had to tank sometimes when one of the tanks wasn't there, and druidtanking was insanely boring.
    So switched to DK, and ended up tanking fulltime.
    My lock is only lvl 89 now, and i kinda miss being able to rip things apart with him. Feels wronga bit unfaithfull to play another class.
    Never would if it hasn't been needed.
    Everyone has so much to say
    They talk talk talk their lives away

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    In late classic / early TBC: Warlock because I loved the warcraft III scourge, and that undead warlocks were the closest thing to that.

    Mid-late TBC / Wrath: Paladin, because I enjoyed being able to run my friends through low level dungeons as prot, and then discovered the joys of tanking

    Cataclysm: I was getting tired with the game so I decided to have a complete paradigm shift and go heals. Went with a druid because treeform.

    Mists: Saw the monk at Blizzcon, noted that the brewmaster was the tanking spec, decided to rawk one. I was growing tired of healing anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gekkegerrit View Post
    Well I got no idea to be honest all my alli chars are Dworf (exception of shaman) and all my horde chars are Undead. I guess I just like the movements and cast animations of them
    I'm exactly the same. All my alliance chars are dwarves and horde are undead. My main, the dwarf priest, was the first character I created and stuck with him ever since, mostly as a healer.

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