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    DK PVP Youtube channel

    Hi guys!

    I´ve been trying to find a decent youtube channel for DK PVP, like Swifty i.e. with commentary, tips n tricks and such.
    Swiftys vids helped me alot when i was playing a Warrior, and i was hoping there was something similar for DK´s.

    So, does anyone know a youtube channel like this, or something similar? Please share!


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    No such thing for dks. Besides, why would you wanna pvp as a dk right now ?!

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    What else would he pvp as?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zzor10 View Post
    What else would he pvp as?
    Anything else that's actually good at it. I suggest warrior, mage, shadow priest or feral druid. Dks are in a very bad spot for pvp atm.

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    Perhaps and I'm just guessing, he like many of us enjoy the dk class and that's what we want to play. Just an added side note - Swifty is a really nice guy and the community needs more nice folks, not the type of folks, "why are u playin that class you n00b" bull, he's not that good at pvp at least in arena. However, if you want quality arena commentary as warrior I'd suggest watching BajheeraWoW http://www.youtube.com/user/Bajheera...ature=g-high-u - he's also on Twitch almost every day. He and his girl friend are really nice people and will answer your questions.

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