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    Quote Originally Posted by nobodysbaby View Post
    What box do I check if I must go Disc to stay at my very best, when I really prefer to play Holy?:P
    It's probably the same as half of people who 'voted' Disc.

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    You also have to look it this way: what benefit do you get from haste for spells such as Cascade / Halo, CoH, PoM... ? haste doesnt affect these but mastery affects every single healing spell you use but mastery does, and yea on recount Echo of Light is usually always #2 or #3 on healing done, i really dont see why haste is so important the reduced cast time of PoH, it pointless its like 0.3 sec less or something its just not worth it, and any good holy priest should rarely be using renew imo.

    If you had infinite mana then yea haste is king but you dont, and even in that case you have serendipity so haste is still not so important :P

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    Well I know every time I tried Disc, I was back to Holy within a week. It may be "the best" but to each his own. I personally just can't get into it. So my advice . . . try both out at 90.

    I know you say you feel more secure with mana as disc, but as a holy priest, I feel I also do well with mana in raids. I have spirit on every piece, I use Mindbender every cooldown, generally pop Hymn at 30% mana, and I can generally won't worry about going OOM until the boss is near dead.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ramennoodleking View Post
    Actually is was CoH on cooldown, PoM on cooldown, and Renew as filler. Flash heals occasionally with serendipity greaters and PoHs. PoH spam didn't become nearly as useful until 4.0, when chakra states were introduced.
    Can't believe some renew lover from that era still shows up. You had two equally viable/perfect priests back then, the ones that used renew and the ones that didn't and used PoH instead.

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    I play Shadow / Holy. Mainly Holy for my 10 man set up, just a personal preference. However on fights that require 2 healers I switch to shadow because I've played Shadow as a main spec for 7 years and so; it still allows me to get in the top 3 on damage when needed. I don't play disc simply because at the moment I am keeping up with the Monk and Shaman in our group on healing in Holy, I find Holy a good healing spec when played correctly. Just put some effort into any spec (reforging, gems, reading up on procs and things like haste caps) and you'll manage just fine!
    Quote Originally Posted by Setheria View Post
    Don't get me wrong, Mind Sear is as useful as tits on a bull, but let's not get carried away here.

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    I have allways play disc and i love the dps/heal playstyle

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    Quote Originally Posted by Outofmana View Post
    Can't believe some renew lover from that era still shows up. You had two equally viable/perfect priests back then, the ones that used renew and the ones that didn't and used PoH instead.
    Did you even read my post? I mentioned a lot more than Renew.

    And yes, both were viable, but PoH didn't actually become better until 4.0. In fact Renew pretty terrible at that point. Prior to that, though, not only was renew generally better (ICC days) but it also offered ridiculous mobility. Noones knocking PoH, but the benefits of Renew were legitimate, useful, and therefore popular. But hey, PoH worked too. You aren't a special snowflake because you used PoH when it wasn't as popular, and renew users aren't better because they used what most were using.

    Something must have happened to you to make you so bitter about this issue. Haha

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sakamae View Post
    Stat priorities will and always have varied on a person by person basis. There are so many factors that play into it as a healer that haste versus mastery isn't a debate, because THERE IS NO RIGHT ANSWER. Do you raid 10 or 25 man, do you raid normals or heroics, do you raid with a holy pally, do you raid with another priest, do you raid with a druid, what is your ilvl, etc, etc, etc.

    Everyone has a different raiding environment, level of gear, and play style. Your reforging should match what spells you cast the most. You have to analyze logs to figure that out, and it probably varies on a fight by fight basis. The spells may benefit more from mastery or haste, it will be different for a lot of people.

    But....that's not the point of this thread. To the OP, as others have said, play whichever you want. Run through some LFR as both holy and disc and get a feel for them in a raiding environment, if you haven't already. If you feel more comfortable as disc with your mana regen, you may want to stick with it. I've played both over the years, recently swapped from holy back to disc with the nice changes lately, and like them both also. I think disc will benefit my raid group better right now, so I'll be sticking with it for the time being. If we get to a fight where it looks like holy will work out better, then I'll swap. That's the great thing about priests, we can switch between two awesome healing specs whenever we need to!
    Its a blessing to have both specs but for some, its a curse. I for one, can't stand playing disc. Its a spec that gives me no sense of healing, I dislike absorbs (they seem like cheating to me), and holy is my faovirte spec in the game. However, for raids progression I am forced to go disc instead of playing what I enjoy. If I was any other healing class I wouldn't have any choice but a single healing spec I can choose, killing any dillema I have as priest (go to what I like or what is needed for progression). Holy priests have suffered for so long and it seems that even die hard holy players are giving up on the spec, which is sad, because its one of the most fun specs in the game.

    As evidence, there are barely any holy priests raiding these days, either normal or HC modes, and its the least played spec out of all healing classes. In 4.2 people already lost faith in the spec, and ever since Blizzard is treating it the same with small fixes here and there instead of truley adressing isses like they do with disc.
    As for disc, now I'm forced to play it if I want my guild to progress - but fun it is NOT.

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    I've been disc since the dawn of time (mainly when you had 5 points invested into Improved Wands and talented Divine Spirit). I like the idea of being a proactive mitigator than playing catch up. It's a different niche than the rest of the healing specs, I feel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arisoh View Post
    I've been disc since the dawn of time (mainly when you had 5 points invested into Improved Wands and talented Divine Spirit). I like the idea of being a proactive mitigator than playing catch up. It's a different niche than the rest of the healing specs, I feel.
    I miss Improved Wands

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    Quote Originally Posted by CapM View Post
    Haste is your most important stat as Holy because it lowers the cooldown of Renew, Lightwell and HW:Sanctuary and decreases cast time of PoH.
    Haste does not lower the cooldown of any spell. It lowers the cast time, the general cooldown - which is a completely different thing, and you need a fuckton of haste to even feel anything decreased from 1.5 seconds>lower, and it can, on certain breakpoints, give you an additional tick on hots.

    As far as I know, renew isnt a viable choice for massive use for holy atm, so gaining the extra tick is pretty minor. You dont spam instants either as holy, so lowering the gcd isnt worth it. You dont get additional ticks from hymns anymore (or so I know, correct me if I'm wrong), it's just a decrease in channel time. Sanctuary is a pitiful spell and generally a waste of mana/gcd. Lightwell hot does idd get another tick, but since the hot breaks on dmg , its hard to say how much that will be a benefit really.

    Mastery, on the other hand, is free healing, and considering holy priests aren't quite swimming in mana, that's a pretty important aspect. Ofc if you run content you overgear and your raid is mostly topped, it will overheal. For such environments, going haste is better so you can snipe heals.

    I never liked noxxic for healers, dunno how it is for dps, but I've seen horrifically wrong bs on it in cata and never really bothered to check it again. I appreciate the raid guides on icyveins but the explanation they offer for the holy stat priority is terrible. A 6 seconds hot should not be guaranteed to overheal in any encounter, that would mean druids are absolutely useless. No raid is normally topped off in less than 6 seconds unless its grossly overgeared. The site also doesn't mention the mana costs of haste builds, which is an important aspect. I also wrongly assumes that you will be casting constantly so you need to get the casts off faster. Frankly, it looks like that guide is made from wrath/dragon soul times. And to value crit higher than mastery for holy? Why, what does holy actually get from crits, we dont even have inspiration anymore. At least disc gets aegis.

    Also, if you apply the "more casts means more healing" idea, then it should work the same for disc?
    Anyway, most ranked holy priests I've seen have @10% healing from echo.

    On the topic, I always preferred playing disc, since I picked it up in wrath. I like the flexibility of not stumbling on a 30 second cd if I want to properly tank/raid heal. I like the utility of shields, especially now PWS can come with a speed boost (god I drooled over b&s all cata). I like the diversity of being able to help with dps during lower dmg times, or even higher if the boss has some dmg modifier. I like playing both the predict and react game.

    For holy I personally always felt it spammy. I know disc can spam just as much, but since holy doesn't have the predict/react/dps aspect, it feels a lot more linear to me. The change to the dps chakra does start to make it appealing to me, but the 30 seconds cd on chakras still kills the flexibility even for this. If they removed the cd on chakras, or atleast lowered it to a reasonable 10 seconds, I'd be more tempted. As it is, I rarely feel it worth getting out of sanctuary, and while in sanctuary, since the holy word itself is really meh, its just the bonuses to poh/coh - so it ends up being more or less a poh/coh spam. Might be that I'm used to the faster pace of disc switching and better holy priests get more out of chakra dancing. One thing I do love about holy is the new DI talent: love that one to bits.

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