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    At least you did not waste 225.000€ (or 3800€) in your drunken state.

    (yeah i'm not gonna tell that story here)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anduin View Post
    Hey all.

    Figured Id share this sad/humorous story of mine with you. It is sad for me, but you can enjoy it =).

    I went out drinking this past a saturday night, got home and logged on to WoW for kicks. I check the BMAH and see that Ashes of Alar, a mount i have wanted for a long time, was on the BMAH. So, i decide to bid 225k gold for it. However, in my drunken state, i put the bid in the "Hot item" section which was merely a Blood Stained Ticket.... Im over it by now honestly, and feel that you all would enjoy this epic fail on my part.

    TLDR: Bid 225000 gold on a Blood Stained Ticket instead of Ashes of Alar on BMAH

    made my day sir!

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    I have learnt to stay away from my PC when drunk.

    In the past, it has led to BAD times for me and others, lol.

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    My worst drunk WoW story was logging on the day after to find that my priest was missing T5 pants. Just... gone. Not anywhere. The only thing I could think was that someone had egged me on to "wake up without pants" or something but I honestly had no memory of even logging in.

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    Don't think he's talking about a couple of beers, comming home completly smashed and then decide to do LFD as a tank/healer is asking for trouble (especialy as a healer).

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    And now, you can be a Drunken Brawler.
    If World of Warcraft has taught me anything, it's that teaching a crowd something is far harder than teaching individuals.

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    Quote Originally Posted by demonskies View Post
    bid 22k on a pet that could be bought for almost nothing. stupid hot item had azure drake selected and typed bid in the hot item womp womp.
    Now we know the real reason that Breanni keeps putting up overpriced cat carriers. She's trying to pull the bait and switch. Evil gnome, she's evil!!!

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    Got high during rated bgs. Managed to still do nice damage and my team mates got a laugh

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